During the evening of Tuesday, the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers finally agreed to terms on a blockbuster trade. This deal will send four-time all-star Kyrie Irving to the Celtics in exchange for two-time all-star Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and a 2018 first-round pick that previously belonged to the Brooklyn Nets.

The effects of this trade between the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers was immediately trending across all forms of social media during Tuesday evening, with many fans posting their beliefs on how this trade deal will impact each team.

Despite all of this there was the opinion of one Philadelphia comedian that caught the attention of 2015 Finals MVP Andre Iguodala who replied with a brief and quizzical response Andre Iguodala, the veteran small forward of the Golden State Warriors, do not seem to be impressed by the Cleveland Cavaliers haul in this trade.

Andre Iguodala took to Twitter to express his thoughts

Will "Spank" Horton Philadelphia comedian posted his reaction to this trade on Twitter, posting "Cleveland got another big defender to try and guard Durant that's a plus."The 2012 NBA All-Star responded to this tweet with a single word "Who?" The big defender that will Horton is most likely referring to is Jae Crowder even though he is three inches shorter than the 6-foot 9 Kevin Durant at 6-foot 6 and weighs in at 225 pounds.

This because the only other player that can fit this category is Ante Zizic who currently stands at 7-foot. However, he has not played a single game in the National Basketball Association (NBA) to this date.

Andre Iguodala is still a key factor for the Warriors

Andre Iguodala is still a key factor for the Golden State Warriors, Iguodala resigned with the Warriors last month for a three-year deal worth approximately $48 million.

Iguodala has played a crucial part of the last three NBA Finals as a member of the Warriors against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Iguodala won the 2015 Finals MVP award and during Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals Iguodala was on the receiving end of the infamous LeBron James chase-down block. This block was a huge reason the Cleveland Cavaliers defied the odds and won their first NBA championship. Based on these comments made by Andre Iguodala it appears that Iguodala is ready for what will most likely be a fourth straight NBA Finals showdown against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.