When The Shield was a unit, there was no one in the WWE more over than the three of them - whether they were faces or heels. Since breaking up, all three men have struggled to get over with the WWE fans on certain levels. Many fans have turned on Roman Reigns completely, some are growing bored with Dean Ambrose, and seth rollins is still trying to find his way as a face. WWE Hall of Fame legend Stone Cold Steve Austin said that Seth Rollins is not completely over with the fans because he still needs to work on his character.

Seth Rollins character skills in the WWE

According to Steve Austin, Seth Rollins has relied on his talent and his athleticism to get over with the fans. He seemed to have the "It" factor when he worked as a heel in The Authority but hasn't been getting the pops that many thought he would when he turned face. Austin said that he needs to develop more character development in the WWE before he reaches that next level. Austin said that he has no sense of who or what Seth Rollins is or stands for and that makes it hard for fans to get behind him. Austin compared Rollins to Bret Hart but said that Rollins needs to work on his gimmick to move up to the top of the WWE.

Roman Reigns in the WWE

While Seth Rollins has enjoyed the most success since the breakup of The Shield, it is Roman Reigns that the WWE is behind the most.

That is because Reigns has the look and size that Vince McMahon and the WWE love. However, the fans were not ready for Roman to hit the main event and have booed him every step of the way no matter who he fights. Steve Austin has said that it isn't Reigns' fault that the fans boo him, pointing out that Roman has everything it takes to be a main event star in the WWE.

His problem, as Austin has pointed out, is that the WWE is not building him organically and fans are rejecting the idea of pushing someone down their throats.

Dean Ambrose as the third man

Dean Ambrose has even held the WWE world title longer than Roman Reigns since the breakup of The Shield. There was one day where all three members were world champions in the same day, with Seth Rollins beating Roman Reigns for the title and then Dean Ambrose cashing in the Money in the Bank to win it after that.

However, after Ambrose appeared on the Steve Austin podcast, word came out that Austin believed that Ambrose was coasting along and was lazy. That has come back on Ambrose, as fans cheers have lessened for him and the WWE has even started a program with The Miz, where he called Ambrose lazy on "Monday Night Raw." All three members of The Shield were at one time guaranteed superstars and now all three are trying to find their footing.