Last year, Cody Rhodes asked for and received his release from the WWE. Since then, he has become one of the hottest wrestlers on the independent scene, appearing everywhere from Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling to Evolve and New Japan Professional Wrestling. However, Cody knows that the WWE offers something special for young wrestlers and he recently said that former RIng of Honor world champion Adam Cole should head to the WWE to compete in NXT.

Adam Cole and the WWE

Adam Cole finished up his stint in Ring of Honor after feuding with his former allies in the Bullet Club.

After that, many expected him to make the move to NXT. However, Cole has not yet accepted that challenge despite other former Ring of Honor wrestlers like Mike Bennett (SmackDown) and Bobby Fish (NXT) already making the jump to the WWE. When asked about Cole, Cody Rhodes said that he should head to NXT and make his name there.

Cody Rhodes has always said that leaving the WWE was the best decision he could have made. However, Rhodes also said that everyone has to make decisions that are best for them. When it comes to Adam Cole, Rhodes said that he won the RIng of Honor world title three times and he gave a lot to the company.

When it comes to giving advice, Cody Rhodes said that he doesn't have the right to tell anyone what is best for them but Adam Cole should go to the WWE and compete in NXT if he feels it is the right time to make that move.

Rhodes pointed out names like Roderick Strong, Samoa Joe, and Drew McIntyre as guys who have built their brand in NXT.

Adam Cole's pedigree

When Sinclair bought RIng of Honor and brought them onto their network, Adam Cole was a youngster in a tag team with Kyle O'Reilly called Future Shock. That tag team had limited success but both O'Reilly and Cole became stars after they finally split up the team.

O'Reilly seemed to hit it big first thanks to his relationship with Davey Richards and actually formed an amazing tag team with Bobby Fish called ReDRagon.

However, it was Adam Cole that was the first of the two to become a world champion. Cole turned heel and developed an arrogance and swagger that finally made him a star.

Cole won his first title in a tournament by beating Michael Elgin and his second by beating Jay Lethal after Lethal's amazing 427-day title reign.

However, that was when Kyle O'Reilly's time came. Kyle finally won the ROH world title by beating Adam Cole at Final Battle 2016. Sadly, O'Reilly chose not to re-sign with Ring of Honor so his reign came to an end after only 33 days. Cole is the only three-time ROH champion in history and held it until March of this year when he lost it to Christopher Daniels.

Ironically, Cody Rhodes is the current Ring of Honor world champion, winning it in June at Best in the World 2017.