Ted Thompson has been one of the most successful general managers in the NFL for many years, leading the Green Bay Packers to success year after year. On most teams, when a key member of the front office personnel or a coach reaches a certain point in their career, the team starts to plan out their future, and at the age of 64, Thompson is considering his own future and that could involve retirement. Packers team president Mark Murphy was asked what the team planned to do if Thompson were to retire.

Green Bay Packers not looking to the future ... yet

When asked about the possible retirement of Ted Thompson, Murphy said that the Green Bay Packers were not looking at that happening anytime soon. While Thompson is 64, Murphy said that the Packers do not have anyone in their front office that they are grooming as a future General Manager-in-waiting. As far as Murphy is concerned, Thompson will be around for a few more years at least.

The rumors are that Ted has about three years left on his contract as the general manager of the Packers. While his contract might end in 2019, Murphy looks at that as being "multiple years left on his contract" and the Packers don't think he will be leaving anytime soon.

Murphy said the two men talk on a regular basis and he is still doing a great job.

Murphy did emphasize that he will keep Ted Thompson as the Green Bay Packers general manager as long as he is doing a good job and enjoys working with the team in his capacity. Murphy did say that when Thompson retires, the Packers will have a plan in place to replace him.

Packers have faith in Ted Thompson

The Green Bay Packers seem to be willing to stick with Ted Thompson as long as it pays dividends for the team. Thompson has drafted for the Packers for 13 seasons now and he could retire when he feels like it or sign an extension that will keep him with the team for many more years. However, from the comments by Murphy, it sounds like they expect Ted to give them enough notice that he plans to retire so that they can start to look for a new general manager.

Murphy said that he doesn't know when Ted Thompson will retire but when it happens, they will conduct an extensive search for a new general manager. There are people that work in the Packers organization that could be great replacements for Thompson and they will get a chance. There are also a lot of candidates from outside the Packers' front office that could step in as well.

Mark Murphy said that the Green Bay Packers had to replace men like Reggie McKenzie, John Dorsey, and John Schneider - all seemingly irreplaceable. When it comes to Ted Thompson eventually retiring, Murphy has no doubt the Packers will find someone great to step up and replace him.