In 2016, the Green Bay Packers passing defense ranked 31st in the NFL, making fixing their secondary a huge need in the 2017 NFL Draft. Help could come in the form of Jabrill Peppers, the Michigan Wolverines safety that ranks as one of the most dynamic defensive players in the NFL Draft.

Jabrill Peppers talent at safety

There is a chance that Jabrill Peppers will fall to the Green Bay Packers, even though they pick 29th in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. The reason for that is because Peppers is not really a safety and he is not really a linebacker, as he played more of a hybrid role at Michigan.

However, Jabrill plays with a lot of fire and is strong, at 213 pounds and 5-11. He played linebacker, safety, returned punts, and even got into the game on offense as running back. He is one of the top-ranked safeties in the draft but teams have to make sure he ready to play the position in the NFL after playing linebacker for most of 2016. The problem is teams like the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys will have to pass on him if the Packers want to have him fall into their laps.

The Packers secondary problems

Even if Jabrill Peppers needs some work to become an NFL quality safety, he is someone that could make the Green Bay Packers instantly better. If he falls to them in the 2017 NFL Draft, he would immediately be an upgrade at the position just based on his promise and exciting play.

The problem is that the Packers have two strong needs when it comes to the draft this year. They need an immediate starter on the offensive line to replace guard T.J. Lang. The Packers also need help at the linebacker and cornerback positions. Is it more important to find weapons to improve a secondary that was still good enough to make it to the NFC Championship game or should they draft someone like Forrest Lamp, who can protect Aaron Rodgers and keep the most important player on the team healthy?

Jabrill Peppers is an immediate started if the Green Bay Packers draft him but that would mean a guard in the second round and lesser cornerbacks after that. It is a gamble that could pay off but might be too expensive a price to pay.