The 88th MLB All-Star Game will take place Tuesday night at Marlins Park. The American League has won the last four games. A lot has happened in the past to make the summer classic interesting, but what will happen on Tuesday?

Pitcher's duel to begin

Both sides are going to send their very best to the mound, and it will be scoreless after the first four innings. Chris Sale will open up the game with two shutout innings and will strike out four batters. Chris Archer and Ervin Santana will follow that up with two shutdown innings. However, the National League will threaten to score in the third inning.

There will be runners on first and third with Santana on the mound, but Santana will work out of the jam.

The American League will get to Max Scherzer in the first inning. Two runners will reach base, but Scherzer will strikeout the side to end the first inning. Zack Greinke and Carlos Martinez will go one-two-three in the following innings.

Fifth inning home run

Jason Vargas will enter the game in the fifth inning. The American League earned run average leader will have to go up against Paul Goldschmidt in a pinch hitting situation. With two outs, Goldschmidt will hit a towering home run to left field to give the National League a 1-0 lead. Vargas will close the inning with minimal damage.

Sixth inning theatrics

Miguel Sano will be upset from losing the home run derby, so he will try to put a stamp on All-Star game in his way. Sano will hit a rocket line drive to left-center field, but Cody Bellinger will rob Sano of a one-out double. Bellinger will feel retribution after not making it farther than Sano in the home run derby.

American League breakthrough

It will take until the seventh inning for the American League to get past the National League. Kenley Jansen will enter the game to try and preserve a 1-0 lead, but an Astro will set the stage for October. George Springer will still be in the game and will hit a three-run home run off of Jansen to set the tone for a potential Astro vs.

Dodger World Series. Jansen will hang his hands on top of his head, and Springer will pump his arm back and forth like Kirk Gibson.

Down the stretch

With a 3-1 lead, the National League will score one run in the eighth inning. Corey Seager will lift up his Dodger teammate with a RBI double with one out. However, Dellin Betances will shut down the N.L. for the rest of the inning. After a scoreless ninth inning, the National League will have to get past Craig Kimbrel. The best reliever in baseball right now will strikeout the side in the ninth inning to give the American League their fifth straight victory in the All-Star game. Springer will become the first Astro to win the MVP award.