The 88th MLB All Star Game selection show will be this Sunday, while the actual game will be on July 11 at Marlins Park. Over the years, we have seen plenty of players shine in this game, but what has happened to them since? Let's take a look at the past ten All-Star Game MVP's, and what has happened to them since. The team placed with each player was the team that the player was playing with when they won the award.

2007: Ichiro Suzuki-Seattle Mariners

Ichiro won the award for hitting a two run home run in which the American League won 5-4. After that, Ichiro made the All-Star Game three more times.

In 2010, he was traded to the new york yankees. He enjoyed two more seasons there. He would then go on to sign with the Miami Marlins. Ichiro recorded his 3,000th career his last season. This season, he went on to be the oldest center fielder to start in a MLB game at the age of 43.

2008: J.D. Drew-Boston Red Sox

In what was his only All-Star Game appearance, Drew won the award for a hitting a home run and two runs batted in. Drew would follow the 2008 season with two more 20-home run seasons before ending his career after the 2011 season at the age of 35-years old.

2009: Carl Crawford-Tampa Bay Rays

Crawford won the award by robbing Brad Hawpe of a home run with the game tied in the seventh inning.

In the "golden years" of his career, Crawford left after 2010 to join the Red Sox for millions of dollars. Crawford never lived up to his years in Tampa Bay. Injuries and inconsistent hitting plagued Crawford. After two years in Boston, he was shipped to the Dodgers. He spent four years there, and has not seen MLB time this season.

For the six years after he left Tampa, he averaged playing 80 games a season.

2010: Brian McCann-Atlanta Braves

Trailing 1-0, McCann hit a bases loaded double that gave the National League a 3-1 win. After 2010, McCann stayed in Atlanta for three years, making the All-Star game for two of those seasons. McCann left the Braves for the Yankees in 2014, but never lived up to his life in Atlanta where he made seven All-Star games.

He averaged hitting .230, but he was traded to the Astros this past season, and is enjoyed a comfortable ride on the best team in baseball.

2011: Prince Fielder-Milwaukee Brewers

Fielder hit a go ahead three run home run that lead to a 5-1 N.L. win to win his award. Fielder left after that season to sign a massive contract with the Tigers. The Tigers would end up trading Fielder after his second season, and a 25 home run, 106 RBI season to the Rangers. Fielder would spend his first year injured, but would bounce back with a 23 home run, 98 RBI campaign. Sadly, a neck injury would force Fielder to retire in 2015.

2012: Melky Cabrera-San Francisco Giants

In an 8-0 obliteration by the N.L, Cabrera had the best stat line of two hits, one home run, two runs batted in, and two runs scored.

That season, Cabrera was suspended for 50 games due to PED use. He would then leave the Giants to play two season with the Blue Jays. After the conclusion of the 2014 season, Cabrera would sign a three year contract with the White Sox.

2013: Mariano Rivera-New York Yankees

In what seemed like a give-a-way, Rivera received the award for pitching one inning of relief. Rivera was on a farewell tour after announcing at the beginning of the season he would retire. Rivera finished as the game's most dominant closer. Since then, he has been active with his charity. He has also been inducted into the Little League Hall of Excellence, and given a monument at Yankee Stadium. He is will be on the Hall of Fame ballot at the end of the 2018 season, and will surely be a first ballot inductee.

2014 and 2015: Mike Trout-Los Angeles Angels

In what would be his first MVP, Trout had a double, triple, and two runs batted in to lead the A.L in a 5-3 win. Trout would go on to win the MVP for the regular season as well. He would win the All-Star Game MVP in 2015 for two more hits, and two more runs batted in to lead the A.L to a 6-3 win. Trout would win the regular season MVP in 2016. At age 25, Trout has made five straight All-Star game appearances, and will make his sixth when players are revealed Sunday.

2016: Eric Hosmer-Kansas City Royals

Hosmer had two runs batted in to lead the A.L. to a 3-1 win to give him the award. Hosmer is looking to start in this year's contest. Hosmer will have a busy 2017 as he is a free agent this upcoming fall, and it is unknown if the Royals will keep him, or trade him as the Royals have gone back and forth between playoff contention.