The most shocking news in the NBA this week has been the drastic report that NBA superstar Kyrie Irving wants to be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers. A team that has visited the NBA Finals in each of the last three years and won the NBA championship in 2016. This news shocked a lot of people, even teammates of Kyrie are shocked and devasted. The reason for this isn't clear yet, but reports state that Kyrie was tired of being the second option to LeBron James, he would prefer to join a team where he can be the face of the franchise without being the robin to batman.

This news has affected a lot of people in a lot of different ways. But one person who was saddened to hear the news was the son of NBA legend and one of the greatest centers of all time. Shaquille O'Neal's 17-year-old son stated that he wasn't old enough to watch his dad and Kobe do their business, so the duo he looks at, the duo he looked up to was Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. While they're still currently a duo, with trade rumors swirling around, they may not be for much longer.

Shareef idolized the Cleveland partnership of 23 and 2

If you ask an average NBA who have been watching the league for the past few decades the question of, 'what's your favorite duo of all time?', you will most likely hear a few different responses.

Those being the duo's of Pippen and Jordan, Stockton, and Malone, Kareem and Magic, Kobe and Shaq or even Wade and James. But very rarely will you hear them call a modern day duo such as Steph and Durant or LeBron and Kyrie their favorite duo. But that is exactly the case for many teenage NBA fans including Shareef O'Neal who grew up watching the 2010's era of basketball and has been watching the during LeBron's prime.

Shareef took to Twitter once the news about Kyrie demanding a trade was leaked.

The next young superstar?

Shareef O'Neal will likely declare for the 2019 NBA draft and start his young NBA career in just a few years time. The 6'10" forward has shown himself to be one of the best teenage high school basketball talents in the USA, following the successful footsteps of his father.

Shareef and his father Shaquille O'Neal could become another great father and son success story in the NBA, but the young man will have a lot of work to do if he hopes to achieve what his dad did during his illustrious basketball career. 4 NBA championships, 3 Finals MVP's, one regular season MVP, two scoring championships, 15 all-star game appearances, 3 all-star game MVP's and eight All-NBA First Team selections speaks for itself.