As the current season is moving deeper and deeper into its second half, it becomes more and more evident that Roger Federer will go down as the greatest player in tennis history. Yesterday, he won his eighth Wimbledon crown and the 19th Grand Slam title overall. On August 8 he will turn 36 years of age but that aspect it's now barely a proper factor to make an assessment. It's the second Grand Slam Federer is winning this season, an achievement that seemed very unlikely at the start of the year when Federer was preparing to make his return after taking a six months time off.

To find a similar scenario, a journey in the past is required. Last time he won at least two Major in a year happened back in 2009 (French Open and Wimbledon) which is the year when Federer completed the Career Slam by winning that elusive Roland Garros over Robin Soderling.

Federer made a huge compromise

Choosing to extend his professional career, Roger Federer decided to maintain the game of tennis as a top priority. It's not easy being in his shoes given the fact that he has a family of his own, whether it's about his wife Mirka or those two pairs of twins, Federer deserves further recognition for his ability to find a certain balance in his life. It's not easy to spit up your limited time between family, training session, or going out touring all over the world for several months a year.

But, in the end, all those sacrifices and hard work paid off.

For a top athlete like Federer, things are never simple. And the level of expectation will always be quite high around him. Entering the grass court swing, all put him in the favorites' box despite skipping the entire clay court swing. In Stuttgart, that pressure overtook Federer and made him lose that match against Tommy Haas.

Once he settled in comfortably, it all came down to his well. In Halle and then Wimbledon, Roger Federer stormed to another title without dropping a set. There are 12 matches in a row with Federer outclassing everyone standing on the other side of the net.

Federer's legend gets bigger and bigger

Roger Federer has some pretty solid numbers this season.

As a result of his success at Wimbledon, those numbers improved to 31-2 in win/loss bar. Having five titles under his belt in 2017, including two Grand Slams, Federer has also made it to another ATP Finals edition as he surpassed the world tour finals qualifications cut. Federer joins Nadal in booking a ticket to the final show of the ATP season.

Having reached the 19th milestone in Majors, Federer will aim US Open for another groundbreaking success. Given the current status of the men's tennis, with Murray and Djokovic out due to health issues, it's likely to see Federer dominating the tour for the remaining part of the season.