NBA Champion point guard Rajon Rondo is reportedly bound for the new orleans Pelicans, with news breaking via the renowned NBA news outlet The Vertical, and confirmed thereafter by USA Today. The 31-year-old Kentucky native will be tasked with creating offense for the Pelicans' front court stars, Anthony Davis and Demarcus 'Boogie' Cousins.

A new chapter for the Pelicans

The veteran Rondo, who won a championship with the Boston Celtics in 2008 offers the potential to be a brilliant fit in The Big Easy, given his pass-first style of play that has seen Rondo lead the league in assists for three of the last 6 seasons.

It also comes at a important time in the history of the Pelicans, the franchise which began their time in the Louisiana city during the 2002-2003 season, but thereafter has enjoyed only timid results season by season, notwithstanding a run into the conference semifinals in 2008. The drafting of Anthony 'The Brow' Davis in 2012 (nicknamed for his iconic unibrow that has since won a big following among NBA fans,) began a new era for the franchise, but so far one that has failed to deliver them much success deep into the playoffs.

By some measures, this has not been the Pelicans fault. The Western Conference is historically strong right now, with the Golden State Warriors odds-on favourites to win multiple championships, and teams like the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets also set to be strong contenders if the Warriors can't get it done on a run to the finals.

This to say nothing of the many rumours of free agency deals and trades still buzzing around the NBA, any one of which, if green lit, could alter the landscape of the league dramatically.

With contemporary basketball wisdom indicating you need three All-Stars to win a championship, the signing of Rondo will give New Orleans a strong trifecta of Rondo, Cousins, and Davis.

While just a one-year deal, if these three can deliver success to the Pelicans, the combination of Rondo's experience and the youth of Cousin (aged 26) and Davis (aged 24), could put the Pelicans in a strong position to succeed year after year.

The Challenge of Chemistry

This potential notwithstanding, its a reality this could be a risky deal by the Pelicans' front office.

While Rondo still shows great talent, and proved a valuable asset to the Chicago Bulls in their playoff run last season, he has also won a reputation for being a difficult personality in the locker room and on the court. That Rondo previously played for the Sacramento Kings alongside Cousins only increases this risk.

With Boogie Cousins' history of tantrums and garnering technical fouls throughout his career, this pairing of former team mates once more is further evidence the Pelicans are most certainly in 'win now' mode. With recent weeks also seeing former Los Angeles Clipper Chris Paul move to the Houston Rockets, and Paul George joining the Oklahoma City Thunder via the Indiana Pacers, securing a playoff spot will be harder than ever before.

New Orleans have decided to roll the dice and hope their star trio of Davis, Rondo, and Cousins all exist in harmony, professionally and personally. Now to see if these Pelicans fly.