When the Indiana Pacers traded Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder, it took a lot of the NBA world by surprise. George said that he planned to play for the Los Angeles Lakers after he could opt out of his contract in Indiana and teams like the Houston Rockets. Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs seemed willing to try to change his mind if they could swing a trade.

However, the Pacers traded George to the Thunder. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Paul said that there was one big reason that he chose Oklahoma City - Kevin Durant.

What Kevin Durant told Paul George

This is probably shocking to Oklahoma City Thunder fans. It was just one year ago that Kevin Durant decided he wanted to leave Oklahoma City and headed to the Golden State Warriors, where he knew he could win a championship easier with less work on his part. However, while KD proved that he wanted to take the easy way out, he still believes that the Thunder are a first class organization and told Paul George as much.

When asked about playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Paul George said that Kevin Durant told him that OKC could offer him more than most teams in the NBA. Durant said that the people, the facility, the preparation, and even the chefs and meals were all first class.

KD talked up Oklahoma City big time to George.

Paul George also talked about leaving Indiana, leaving Pacers fans feeling similar to what Oklahoma City Thunder fans felt when Kevin Durant left town. While George at least helped his prior team by allowing them to trade him, he lowered his value by announcing it to the world.

George said there was "no right way to handle it" but said he didn't think the Pacers were ever going to build a championship team around him.

Paul George and his future with the Thunder

Most people don't expect Paul George to stick around with the Oklahoma City Thunder more than this one year. His team option comes in 2018 and he made it clear that he wants to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

However, much like Kevin Durant, he also wants to win a championship. George said that if the Thunder prove to be a team that can win now, he would reconsider leaving.

In his exact words, Paul George said that if the Oklahoma City Thunder has a killer season with him and Russell Westbrook leading the way, and possibly make the Western Conference Finals or beat the Golden State Warriors, it would change his mind. As George said, if the Thunder can do that, he would "be dumb to want to leave."