The Warriors roster could be getting better. After re-signing Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, David West, and Shaun Livingston, Golden State is looking at acquiring Nick Young or Jamal Crawford according to ESPN's Adrian Wojanarowski. Both Young and Crawford are veterans that are known for their offensive abilities in shooting the three point shot. Young and Crawford both qualify for the Warriors $5.2 million taxplayer mid-level exceptions.

Young's path to Golden State

Young is a ten-year veteran that spent the last four seasons playing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

He had one of his best seasons under coach Luke Walton, a former Golden State assistant coach. Young is being recruited by Durant and Draymond Green to join the Warriors.

Young could be a great fit with the Warriors. He is five years younger than Crawford. He also has talked to free agent Javale McGee in that past. McGee was a player that has bounced around in the league but has revitalized his career in Golden State.

Young and former Laker D'Angelo Russell had a public spat that involved his former fiancee Iggy Azalea. Young had admitted to cheating on her to Russell who then made the video public. Going to Golden State and performing at a high level could help shape his image as well.

Crawford's path to Golden State

Crawford is being mentioned as part of a three-team trade that could end in a buyout. Danillo Gallinari is said to be shipped to the Clippers in a sign-and-trade. Paul Millsap is said to go to Denver in a sign-and-trade. The Hawks would receive Crawford, Diamond Stone, and a first round pick. Crawford is said to seek a buyout if he goes to Atlanta.

Crawford is still owed two more years on his contract for $29 million. The Cavaliers, Spurs, Pelicans, and Bucks are said to be interested in Crawford.

Which one will sign with Golden State?

It seems that the more realistic signing is with Young. Age might have a lot to do with it. Young also had one of his best seasons under Walton who was an assistant for Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

If Walton can get Young to play his best, it's likely that Kerr would get the best out of him too.

Young has had a messy career off the court. He could use an image change. It seems that he also realizes that; otherwise, he wouldn't be in contact with Durant and Green so much. The Warriors need players off their bench to contribute since they are most likely going to lose Zaza Pachulia and McGee. Golden State offers Young a career makeover, a chance to shoot from outside the arc with no consequence, and a championship run.