Ezekiel Elliott had an even better rookie season than the Dallas Cowboys expected last season. Elliott led the league in rushing with 1,631 yards to go along with 15 touchdowns. Zeke's numbers were good enough to earn him first team All-Pro honors in just his first season. His contribution was a huge reason the Cowboys were able to post an NFC best 13-3 record. They would eventually lose in Elliott's first career playoff game against the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round.

Despite the list full of accomplishments that Zeke has achieved, he has become more known lately for his off the field troubles.

His list of infractions has many folks calling for a suspension. The Cowboys recently released WR Lucky Whitehead for being allegedly identified for shoplifting. The team did not hesitate to get rid of the wideout even after law enforcement revealed that Whitehead was falsely identified and was not the person that committed the shoplifting act.

Ezekiel Elliott's has yet to be found guilty of any crimes he has been accused of this off-season. However, many people believe it is unfair that the team punished Whitehead for a crime he did not commit but Elliott has not received any disciplinary action.

Domestic violence suspicion

An ex-girlfriend of Elliott claims that Zeke held her for five days and repeatedly beat her up during that period of time.

Elliott was never charged for the alleged incident but his accuser did finally speak out about the matter.

"Exactly one year ago today my life changed forever. Loving someone as much as I did, putting my all in no matter what happened. I finally got the strength to be the strong woman I was and got myself out of a very toxic relationship.

Ladies never think you're too in love or too scared to leave because at one point that was me. There's plenty of opportunities out there for you. Love yourself first. Speak up and stop domestic violence."

Alleged Bar Fight

After the domestic violence speculation, Zeke would face accusations about being involved in a bar fight that left one victim injured and unconscious.

Despite being named as a person of interest in the matter, the victim never named Elliott as a suspect, which caused law enforcement to not pursue the case any further.

The NFL has since looked into the matter but has yet to make a decision about punishing him, due to the lack of evidence.

Sophomore season expectations

Through all of the off-season drama, Ezekiel and the Cowboys have to prep for the start of the 2017-18 NFL season. Preseason is shortly approaching and fans will be eager to see if the off the field issues are enough to push Elliott into a sophomore slump.

It will certainly be hard for Dallas to have the kind of season they produced last year.

But if they are going to even come close, they will need Zeke to put up equivalent or even better numbers than he did in his rookie season. He has been a participant in training camp and the Cowboys front office has shown no signs of their starting RB facing any disciplinary action, so the Dallas fans, for now, can expect to see him suited up and ready to go for preseason activity. Only time will tell how his sophomore season will turn out, but Cowboys fans can relax for now just knowing he will be part of the team.