Chelsea fans around the world were surprised when news broke that central midfielder Nemanja Matic is set to join Manchester United. It is hard to believe since the player was very important to Chelsea’s defense and the team winning the English Premier League.

The news is no rumor as it has been officially confirmed that Manchester United has purchased Matic for the cool price of £40million. In a statement on the official United websites, Matic says he is happy to have joined his new club and is also glad to be working with Jose Mourinho once more.

He also said he enjoyed his time at Chelsea and went on to thank the fans and the club for their support. Recently, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte brought on Tiemoue Bakayoko to play a significant role, a move that should give an idea of why Matic is leaving.

Does Matic has a close relationship with Jose Mourinho?

As for what the United manager had to say, well, he praised Nemanja Matic as a Manchester United and a Mourinho player, proving the close connection between player and coach.

With the central midfielder role now covered, it’s likely fans will see more from Paul Pogba. He’ll have more freedom when going forward, which means, the possibility of more goals. The player didn’t perform as expected during the last season, but if pre-season games are anything to go by, then Pogba is ready to let loose.

Not to mention, the player is seeking a leadership role at the club, something he’s quite capable of doing.

Mourinho’s time at Chelsea

Before taking on the job as the manager at Manchester United, Mourinho was a Chelsea manager. He helped the team to win the league trophy in his first season at the club, but then things took a bad a turn the following season, and he was forced to leave.

Rumors claim the coach had some serious problems with some of the players, and as such, they decided not to perform at 100 percent quality during important matches.

Now, Mourinho is a Manchester United man these days, but he has yet to win the league title at the club. Looking at many of the games United has played, it’s clear the team has quality players who can do damage.

However, failing to score goals on a regular basis was a thorn that needed removal.

Manchester United drew the most games in the 2016-2017 season, a mistake that plunged the club to 6th place on the table.

The recent signing of center forward Romelu Lukaku for £75 million is a clear sign of what Mourinho intends to do when the 2017-2018 season begins in August.