Jared Odrick may not have expected to be stuck in free agency for so long, but here he is. The former Jacksonville Jaguars lineman can either be a pass rusher from the defensive tackle slot or run attacker from the defensive end spot. He also has a relatively uncanny ability to stay healthy so far in his career. Here are four NFL teams who could benefit from bringing in Odrick from the street.

4. Detroit Lions

Detroit's pass rush doesn't seem destined to do great things in 2017. Odrick can help the cause in a more indirect way. His ability to play different positions along the line would give the defensive coaching staff an opportunity to mix-and-match other players on the line to their strengths, allowing them to pursue the quarterback with a newly found rigor.

The NFL is a game of chess; Odrick can be the knight that distracts opposing offensive lines from seeing the pawn come charging down the board.

3. New York Giants

Back in April, the Giants had some interest in Odrick, interest that eventually died down. He could form a strong inside tandem with Damon Harrison, though, creating one of the best run-stuffing middle defensive line combos in the NFL. The Giants have plenty of stars on their defense - including the line - so a complementary piece like Odrick would be willing to do the dirty work without ruffling any feathers.

2. Miami Dolphins

Odrick should be familiar to many Dolphins fans. He spent his first five seasons in Miami after the team drafted him out of Penn State in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

He was a fine player during that time but never lived up to the hype of a first-round pick. The team needs some defensive tackle depth next to Ndamukong Suh, though. Jordan Phillips is not a starting caliber player - neither is Lawrence Okoye. The team has few options other than exploring their past.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

Back in April, the Eagles had some interest in Odrick just like the Giants, though it seemed to fizzle over time.

They could still use him, however. Many of the players on the line are rather stiff and stuck where they are. There are also tons of veterans, which is good but can create concerns of injuries and possibly diminishing play. Odrick would give the team some versatility and it helps that he played in all 16 games for five consecutive seasons before last year's campaign. The Eagles want to make noise in the NFL this season, so they can use all the help they can get across the board.