LeBron James has made it clear that he is not waving his no-trade clause, meaning he holds his future after this coming season. With the Cleveland Cavaliers slowly crumbling, there is a chance he moves out to join a team with big chances to become NBA champion.

There are many teams (aside from the Golden State Warriors) who are nearing that niche. The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers lead the cast, both filled with rising young stars that will eventually reap dividends. At 32, James could be invited to sign up and guide the rising cagers with his vast experience.

Still hungry for a title

James has practically done it all. He is a four-time MVP and a three-time NBA champion. His resume is so filled that most wonder what else the first overall pick of the 2003 NBA draft could possibly yearn for.

The only plausible target is winning as many NBA titles as he can. He will be 33 by the time he gets to decide on his next stop, probably good for 4 to 5 more years. He could stay in Cleveland but team owner Dan Gilbert would have to make key moves to keep the team competitive. But he could also still do that without LeBron James.

While some may consider it a failed gathering, the Cavs performance the past years says it all. Despite banding together James, Irving and Kevin Love plus a crop of talented backups, the effort has produced only one NBA title.

With Irving imminently leaving, the chances of the Cavs next season have tremendously dropped. That could be checked however only if the Cavs are able to secure an amiable point guard – a position that will severely diminish once Irving does get moved.

Do the Lakers need LeBron?

While getting James to wear the purple and gold is nothing new, do the Lakers really need him moving forward?

Magic Johnson could be thinking about that and the only plausible reason would be because of his experience.

His talent is another but the last thing Los Angeles needs is rifts from within. Obviously, James would be the top dog if he joins the Lakers – meaning the young players may get turned off. Most simply have to see how the Irving issue turned out despite the Cavs giving him a lucrative deal.

These are simply possibilities moving forward. James may or may not bite, same with the Lakers. It all depends on what happens from here on for all parties concerned. Right now, checking the body language of James with the Cavs for the 2017-18 NBA season will be monitored closely.