Before the Golden State Warriors, the Miami Heat were the biggest super team in the NBA. With names like LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade on the team, they ran all over the NBA, making it to the NBA Finals every year the three men were together. However, LeBron left for Cleveland, Dwyane left for Chicago and now Bosh is gone as well.

The Miami Heat cut Chris Bosh after an agreement between the NBA and National Basketball Players Association to allow the move while not hurting the Miami Heat when it comes to their salary cap. The agreement allows Chris a chance to possibly return to his NBA career without the Heat being held liable for his contract if he does.

Chris Bosh and His Medical Concerns

It has been over one year since Chris Bosh last played in an NBA game. The problem was that Bosh had blood clot issues that resulted after a calf injury. The continued blood clotting caused the Miami Heat team doctors to refuse to clear him to return to the court. For the NBA, they ruled in June that the blood clotting issues were a "career-ending illness."

The problem is that Chris Bosh won't accept that news. Bosh found a doctor that would clear him to return to the basketball court but the Miami Heat refused to even consider it. While the Heat won't let Bosh play, Chris wants the chance to get a medical clearance and possibly return to the game.

The Miami Heat money issues

There were also money problems. The Miami Heat had no problem letting Chris Bosh leave but they didn't want to face the penalties if he returned. There is a new collective bargaining agreement and his contract was written under the old one. That meant that the Heat could have had his salary hit their books if he returned.

Because of the new NBA agreement, the Miami Heat can release Chris Bosh and they are no longer liable for the $52 million in salary cap money. This means that Miami now has $37 million in cap space to try to sign some free agents. As for Bosh, $29 million of his salary will be paid by an insurance policy and the rest will be paid off by the Heat without it affecting their salary cap.

The Future for Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh has been at odds with the Miami Heat over his career since the blood clotting issues started. He wanted to play this last season and found a trusted doctor to clear him but Miami wouldn't budge. When the Heat said that Bosh would never play again, the long battles started.

Now, Chris Bosh can try to play again and the Miami Heat won't be liable. The Heat and President Pat Riley have said that Bosh is a huge asset to the team and they can't wait to hang his jersey from the balcony one day. LeBron James took to Twitter to congratulate Bosh and the chance for a future in the NBA remains alive for now.