It has already been almost a month after the infamous Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn Fight but the brouhaha over the decision is still raging. It can be remembered that the boxing icon lost in a unanimous decision. A lot of fans are still debating about the outcome. Some consider it as a pure and simple highway robbery and hometown decision. Some boxing critics view it as a time for Manny to hang his gloves for keeps,

Another trilogy in the works?

Manny Pacquiao has a rematch clause in the contract. The clause was inserted in case he loses the fight.

This could be used by the boxer to fight Jeff Horn again. Fans want the fight in Las Vegas this time. It might prevent a hometown decision in case the bout last the distance.

The latest controversy reminded fan of the famous or infamous Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradly first fight. Fans never accepted that decision, Fox News reported. The rematch produced a different result. It took a third fight to decide the real winner in the eyes of the world. This latest incident could result in a rematch. If the veteran boxer wins in the rematch, will there be a trilogy?

Manny Pacquiao not new to boxing rematches

Manny Pacquiao is not new to boxing rematches. A lot of his rivalries with great boxers are like TV series of HBO.

He fought three times against Erik Morales and twice against another Mexican great, Marco Antonio Barrera. Who could forget his four brawls with future Hall of Famer Juan Manuel Marquez? His Timothy Bradly fights were the latest among them

The boxing world is already accustomed to boxing series with Manny Pacquiao. He could be the boxer with the most number of rematch bouts in history.

The latest incident could trigger another one in the future. It could be the next chapter in his career. Boxing fans are already losing sleep over the prospect.

WBO reviewed Pacquiao vs Horn decision

WBO affirmed the decision of the three judges after reviewing the bout recently. According to the boxing organization, “after a review of five anonymous judges, three voted Horn won the fight, one of them voted for Pacquiao and the last person declared it a draw.” Jeff Horn expressed a sigh of relief upon hearing the outcome.

“This should put to rest any controversy on the decision”, the boxer said in jest.

Loss a Sign to Retire

The decision on the Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horns fight may or may not be a sham. The Australian boxer has his own reputation after all. The fight showed a lot of chinks in Pacquiao’s armor. The vaunted speed was no longer there. The killer punches that the whole world love was no longer present.

Age could have finally caught with the boxing great. This belief is not just my own. Even his coach Freddie Roach, is talking about it. With two jobs to juggle (Senator and boxer), he is hard pressed to maintain the high level of preparation before a fight. A retirement is clearly an option at this point in time.

A lot of fans are waiting for a rematch. On the other hand, there are also critics who want him to retire. Manny Pacquiao has a tough decision to make: Retire coming from a loss that could hound his successful career or fight another day and prove to the whole world that judges robbed him of his last fight.