Manny Pacquiao lost against Australian newcomer Jeff Horn. Days later, the Filipino boxer said he does not want to see boxing die because of unfair decision and officiating. He then urged the World Boxing Organization (WBO) to review his latest fight.

BBC reported that the former welterweight champion -- together with the Philippines’ Games and Amusement Board (GAB) -- asked for the thorough review of how the unanimous decision on Horn’s win was made.

This win marked the 29-year-old Australian’s first world title. Horn already addressed the issue about the allegations of him playing dirty.

Horn said he is proud of what he did and what he brought to his country.

Pacquiao on his moral obligation as a leader, fighter

The 39-year-old boxer (also is a Senator in his country) said that he accepted his defeat. However, he wants a review of the game as he considers himself as a leader and a fighter who has a moral obligation to uphold sportsmanship, truth, and fairness in the sport. This came after the GAB sent a letter to the WBO regarding the issue. Pacquiao said that they would like to see appropriate action taken by WBO officials in order to keep fans interested in the sport.

What the letter contained

The letter was addressed to WBO president Francisco Valcarcel. GAB chairman Abraham Kahlil Mitra pointed out that there were errors on the referee and the three judges.

The things the GAB wants WBO to specifically look are the deductions that were not noted. They believe this made Horn’s score higher than that of Pacquiao. They also think there were possible miscalls from the referee.

Judges scored in favor of Horn

For the first rounds in the match, the judges scored more for Horn but in the ninth round, Pacquiao almost knocked him out.

By the tenth round, Horn recovered and won again.

The WBO also showed the scores on the judges’ cards on their Twitter account and said that they would only reverse the decision if there was fraud or a violation, which is not the case in the Pacquiao-Horn fight.

Pacquiao, Horn possible rematch

In the contract of Pacquiao, he had a rematch clause so it is possible that he would fight Horn once again, who has no losses in his 18 matches.

If the rematch will take place, it might be by the end of 2017.

The coach of Pacquiao, Freddie Roach, also revealed recently that he wants Pacquiao to consider retiring. He also said that they did talk about the possible rematch of Pacquiao and Horn but that would be the last fight before he ends his boxing career.