Manchester United unveiled their 3Rd Kit on Friday via Twitter, designed by one of their fans, Aniello Carotenuto. Manchester United gave the opportunity to their fans to design their 3rd kit for the upcoming season. The light gray offering is complete with a contrasting crew neck collar and sleeve cuffs.

One of their fan named Aniello Carotenuto created the design by using the Adidas Creative Studio. United uploaded some of the player's pictures wearing the new 3rd kit for the new season.

What is special about this time's 3rd Kit?

There's a print of the United Trinity on the lower front of the shirt.

The United Trinity refers to the Manchester United's trio of George Best, Danis Law, and Sir Bobby Charlton. This Manchester United's trio helped their team to become the first ever English club team to win the European Cup in 1968.It is also known as Holy Trinity which stands on the front side of United's home ground Old Trafford. It is in light gray, or we can say in silver color. It is designed through a software provided to fans by Adidas. United and Adidas announced fans before the end of the 2016/17 season about the chance to design the Manchester United's 3rd kit for their next season. And some of their fans designed the 3rd kit and a single design selected after inspection.

Everything about creation.

First of all, you should know that this time shirt is created by Adidas Creator Studio, a digital studio platform which let football fans to design the kits for their favorite Club. In a promotional video on United's twitter account, designer Aniello Carotenuto 21, said: "It's going to give us luck this season hopefully."

Expanding on design, he said, "I wanted to make something special, something unique.

One of the most iconic things about Manchester United is the Trinity."

"Another important thing is Old Trafford (home ground of Manchester United). I tried to match them together. It's probably the best day of my life. If it is a dream, don't wake me up"

United's statement on the new kit states,"The statue of the club icons and this unique history was the inspiration for the new third kit."

When will it be used first?

It's hard to say when it will be used for first time by United's players as a team wears 3rd Kit only If there is a case that the colour scheme of the home kit and the away kit of travelling team is similar to home kit of the home team, then the travelling team is asked to wear alternate kit or 3rd Kit.