Cleveland Cavaliers Superstar LeBron James was recently reported to leave his team next season. It is known that the Cavaliers has been struggling to find new players. Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving, also shocked the fans as he confirmed that he wants to be traded. James wasn't happy about the things that are happening with the Cavaliers, though he decided to stay in the team.

According to ESPN's Chris Haynes, he said that James would stay in the Cavaliers even if Irving got traded. Due to this, fans will still see James in a Cavaliers jersey next season.

However, rumors suggest that next season might be the last season of James as a Cavaliers.

LeBron James made a good move on not waiving his no-trade clause next season

It is known that LeBron James was interested in joining the Los Angeles Lakers next season, as it is now filled with young and strong players. However, James might still be waiting for the young Lakers to hone their skills, as they are still in the process of adjusting to the NBA. It is also believed that there won't be any fair offers for James if he decides to be traded next season, as most of the Superstars have already re-signed and traded to another team.

The 32-year old superstar is known to chase the championship every season.

James also carried the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals for the third straight time. However, the Cavaliers might struggle in reaching its goal next season as James recently confirmed that he got disappointed after Cavaliers GM David Griffin, announced that he would part ways with the team.

James would have to adjust a lot if Irving got traded

With Kyrie Irving asking to be traded, James will now have to step up and provide more points as much as he can if he will stay in the Cavaliers. James is known to play different roles, though he gets tired much faster than before. Due to this, fans can expect that James will seek for new teammates that can help him in scoring.

The Cleveland Cavaliers is also believed to enter its rebuilding process.

If it happens, James will have to train the young rookies that might join him in the future. However, James will have to decide whether he waits for his team's rebuilding process or join a new team to chase another championship. Irving's presence is a huge factor for the team, as he is considered one of the best point guards in the league. Luckily, the Cavaliers managed to sign Jose Calderon, which will be a backup point guard if Irving got traded next season.