Friday night was a historic one for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James, the Cavaliers scored an NBA Finals record 49 points in the first half and 68 points in the first half, along with hitting the most three-pointers ever in a Finals half and Finals game, with 13 in the first half and 24 overall. LeBron James also moved past Michael Jordan for third place on the Finals all-time scoring list and for the first place on the the NBA playoffs all-time free throws made list.

However, a huge Record LeBron achieved on Friday night was passing the great magic johnson on the NBA Finals triple-doubles list.

King James now has 9, passing Magic who had 8 throughout his career. The next closest player behind these two has just 2 triple-doubles.

Magic Johnson appeared in NBA Finals on nine different occasions during the 1980's, winning the championship in five of those Finals series. The Magic-led Los Angeles Lakers won the championship in 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987 and 1988, despite getting a huge helping hand from Kareem Abdul Jabbar in 1985 and James Worthy in 1988, who took home the coveted Finals MVP trophy in those years. Magic Johnson has done some legendary things in his time, but when King James breaks one of his records, he shows nothing but respect.

Magic tweets his congratulations for the King

Magic Johnson took to Twitter to send his congratulatory message to the man he holds great respect for, LeBron James. It's not everyday that a Magic Johnson record is broken, so when it happens, Johnson makes sure to share his thoughts on it.

This is a showing of great respect from an all-time great point guard in Earvin Magic Johnson to an all-time great small forward in LeBron James.

This is not the first time Magic has shown his appreciation for the man widely regarded as the greatest small forward of all time. Johnson has posted many tweets about King James in the past, and a lot of those tweets are praising him on reaching different milestones and breaking different records.

Magic always shows his respect

Magic Johnson may be an old player in basketball years, but he still is an avid user of social media to express his opinions, especially on Twitter. Magic congratulated LeBron James just a few days ago when the King tied him in Finals Triple Doubles with 8.

This was just another record that LeBron James now holds. In this years postseason, King James has been moving up NBA playoffs and Finals lists at a rapid pace. During game five of the Boston Celtics - Cleveland Cavaliers series, LeBron James became the NBA's all time leading scorer in playoff history. And now he is on pace to become the number one scorer in Finals history very soon, LeBron is doing some incredible things.