A lot has been said about LeBron James's future recently. James can opt out of his contract next summer and become a free agent, and no one knows where he will take his talents. Well, no one expected him to end up back in Cleveland last time. James faces an uneasy dilemma. He may stay with a team that is clearly dominating the Eastern Conference but cannot do much to upgrade the team and defeat these Warriors. Or he can start a new adventure in a bigger market that can enable him to improve his business career.

Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today recently reported on James's frustration with the Cavaliers' off-season moves.

Apart from being disappointed with the organization parting ways with proficient general manager David Griffin, LeBron, apparently, expected the front office to pursue significant deals that could improve the team.

James a Laker?

The Los Angeles Lakers have been named on several occasions as a possible destination for James next year. Could James pair up with emerging star Lonzo Ball? The Lakers are able to take in two max players next summer. While Paul George looks to be a clear favorite to fill one of those spots, Magic Johnson will pursue LeBron more than anyone else.

James back in Miami

James posted an Instagram photo of the Miami Heat's stadium, the American Airlines Arena, on Sunday, and the media frenzy immediately began.

James added a caption that read: “A ton of great memories riding past her [sic] today!!” Is James planning a return to Miami? So far, he has only returned to play against the Heat and, most recently, made his vacation trip to Miami. James also added a photo of the Miami's skyline.

James better off in Cleveland

There is no reason for James to not remain a Cavalier.

He finally brought a championship to Cleveland, and he will be thanked by the team's fans for ever. However, James should not be content with that one championship at home. In addition, there seems to be no real competition in the near future in the Eastern Conference. James will have a shot at the NBA title year after year if he stays put next year.

Kyrie Irving will only get better, and Kevin Love is a solid All-Star. If they can trade Love for a better star, then the Cavaliers' chances at the NBA title will increase. It is difficult to imagine James leaving a winning situation to step into a dubious one. For example, the Lakers are far from becoming a contender. Their young core is promising, but the team lacks veteran stars.

On the other coast, a return to Miami would not make sense either. One might think that second parts are never good, but James already refuted this theory with how his return to Cleveland has gone so far. But, most importantly, the Heat show no signs of becoming a strong team once again. Their cap space is very limited and their current players are mostly veterans who are not close to being All-Stars, apart from Hassan Whiteside.

LeBron is playing the right hand right now by letting the Cavaliers organization know of his discontent. This will only push the front office to stay alert and focused on improving the roster. The latest rumor places former league MVP Derrick Rose with the Cavaliers. The two sides have had serious talks on a one-year deal, according to ESPN. Well done, LeBron James.