Cleveland Cavaliers are having an awful offseason as things just aren't going their way. While their fans expected them to improve this summer after getting destroyed by the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, the Cavaliers haven't done such thing. As a matter of fact, not only did they not improve, but they also became a worse team as their roster won't be much better next year, yet their luxury tax bill will be huge.

Paying the luxury tax bill is not an issue for team owner, Dan Gilbert, as he is ready to spend a lot of money in order to win a championship.

However, he is not ready to let Kyrie Irving go, yet it's unlikely that the team will keep him in Cleveland for the remainder of his contract.

Just around a week ago, it was revealed that Irving wants to be traded. It seems he is tired of being overshadowed by LeBron James and he wants to run his own team. Taking his discontent into account and the fact that a lot of NBA teams are interested in trading for him, keeping the point guard in Cleveland seems impossible.

The Cavaliers are unable to contact Irving

While Dan Gilbert and new general manager Koby Altman didn't seem overly concerned about Kyrie Irving during their press conference on Wednesday, it seems that things are going really bad for the Cavaliers.

While Altman called the situation fluid, it appears the Cavaliers don't really have any control over it.

Jason Floyd of The Athletic revealed that the Cavaliers have unsuccessfully tried to contact Irving and that the All-Star point guard isn't talking to anyone from the organization.

LeBron James wasn't available in 2010 either, and the Cavaliers suffered a heartbreak that summer as he decided to join the Miami Heat.

Irving's situation is slightly different as he's not a free agent and he cannot go to another team until Cleveland trades him. However, his actions prove that he doesn't want to stay on the team anymore so it is expected the Cavaliers will trade him very soon.

How good are the Cavaliers without Irving?

While Kyrie Irving is a fantastic player, he's not exactly a cornerstone of the franchise.

The Cavaliers can't function well without LeBron James and he is the only player that cannot be replaced on the team.

However, replacing Irving with another player is a bad idea because Irving is already used to playing with the Cavaliers and sharing the floor with LeBron, Kevin Love and other players. Considering he was their playmaker, it is questionable if the Cavaliers can be a great team without him. Of course, they have James who can run the floor and be a playmaker, but even he complained about not having a true playmaker.

Letting Irving go would be a smart move for the Cavaliers, even though it will probably make the team worse.