On Saturday, Jonathan Dwight Jones (American martial artists) knocked down Daniel Cormier (a former Olympic wrestler) in the third round at UFC 214 and won the UFC light heavyweight title once again, reported by the Guardian. He challenged Brock Lesnar (the former heavyweight champion of UFC and WWE star) to be his next opponent.

Jon Jones becomes eighth UFC fighter holds multiple title reigns

The fight took place in Anaheim, California. Jones defeated Cormier by TKO at 3:01 of the third round with a combination of punches and a head kick. Cormier held the title of light heavyweight champion for two years.

It was the 10th knockout of Jones' career. Jon Jones is one of eight UFC fighters to have multiple title reigns, according to The Guardian.

After the victory, he praised Cormier and called him a model champion, a teammate, and a leader. He said,"I want to take this time to thank Daniel Cormier for being my biggest rival and motivator," Jones said.

While challenging Brock Lesnar, Jones said on the pay-per-view broadcast that "if you want to know what it feels like to get your ass kicked by a guy who weighs 40 pounds less than you, meet me in the octagon.” Lesnar called him a young man and said be careful what you wish for.

Jon Jones versus Brock Lesnar

It is considering that a heavyweight UFC fight between Lesnar and Jones would be one of the biggest fights in the history of UFC.

Jones' recent victory over Cormier put him in the list of the best fighter in the world. Earlier this week, Jones said he was not sure that Lesnar would fight with him but Lesnar replied that he would meet him anywhere, anytime, the Associated Press reported

Lesnar returned to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) last year and defeated Mark Hunt at UFC 200 but until next spring he will be under the contract to WWE as a professional wrestler, ESPN reported.

Brock Lesnar was suspended by the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) for failing multiple drug tests around his fight with Hunt.

Jones told ESPN that a fight between Brock and him would be the megafight for the WWE fans and the MMA fans. He also added that Brock is huge but he is not afraid to fight with him because he believes that he is a champion and champions do not afraid to take big challenges. On Saturday, Dana White (the president of UFC) mentioned the situation of Lesnar with USADA. He said he has not talked with Brock but he has to wait six months to return to UFC.