The NFL running back Rashad Jennings is in talks with multiple teams, as he has confirmed, for a possible contract. The teams include the Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, LA Rams, Miami Dolphins and most notably the Green Bay Packers.

Does it make sense for the Packers?

The Packers seem to be stacked at the running back position. Ty Montgomery seems poised to have a great season, he has been improving, and his training has seemingly led to huge improvements athletically and regarding footwork. Additionally, the Packers have tons of rising talent in Aaron Ripkowski and Jamaal Williams among other rookies.

So why even talk to Rashad Jennings? Furthermore, Jennings is getting old for a running back at age 32, and his offensive production has slowed significantly. Last year his yards per reception dropped by nearly double from the previous year. Jennings' yards per carrying also dropped dramatically as his production decreased by about a fourth dropping from 4.4 yards per attempt to a little over three.

So what could be the reason for the talks? Jennings is dynamic in that he can double as a pass catcher, but it is not as if Aaron Rodgers has a lack of offensive talent to throw to this year. The tight end and receiving core is stacked for the Packers.

There may be only one reasonable explanation, and that is his experience.

Jennings is a somewhat old running back who has been on many teams, most notably the New York Giants. While the team looks stacked at the running back position, perhaps the Packers think they need an old leader to stabilize the unit while the young stars all battle for runs.

The running back core is young, Ty Montgomery was originally a receiver and after surgery somehow turned into a running back force at the end of last season, and will likely be the starter this year.

The rest of the running back core is young as well, mostly rookies. The point is that they do not have anyone with a ton of NFL experience at running back or anyone to stabilize the running back core. Perhaps bringing in a veteran like Jennings is not a horrible redundant idea after all.

Will it happen?

The odds are extremely uncertain.

There is no indication yet from Jennings whether he even prefers one team over the others that he has talked to. Additionally, all that Jennings has admitted to is having simple conversations with these teams.

If you give the Packers a one of five chance (20%) that does not seem great. So it remains to be seen if the Packers are still going to add age and experience to the running back core.