If you think the Cleveland Cavaliers’ reign in the East will end should the team decides to trade Kyrie, you are mistaken. But to ensure no other threat emerges, one of the deciding factors of the trade could be: not to an Eastern Conference team. So which trade proposal from a Western Conference team should the Cleveland Cavaliers entertain?

The Houston Rockets is not on the list as the Cavs new GM’s high demands won’t be met and not are the Golden State Warriors unless the trade includes Klay Thompson, which definitely won’t happen. Plus, they have already moved mountains to keep their roster intact while giving Stephen Curry the raise he so long deserved.

So which team could it be?

Choosing a better trade partner

Based on recent reports, the two NBA superstars won’t see eye to eye; much less seeing Kyrie playing Robin to LeBron’s Batman role. This makes the trade imminent but if you cannot stop Kyrie from leaving, then at least make a way to ensure LeBron won’t follow next year.

So what could possibly thwart LeBron’s plan to leave Cleveland when his player option becomes available? How about dealing Kyrie Irving to the San Antonio Spurs or the Los Angeles Lakers?

Somehow, this might cause LeBron to rethink. As many LeBron fans would know, he really wanted to play under Spurs coach Gregg Popovich and there are rumors that LeBron plans to join Paul George in Los Angeles next season.

Still, this isn’t enough of a guarantee to stop King James from leaving as he is left with one option. In fact, it only makes his decision to join either of these two teams, easier.

Kyrie, LeBron leaving

Team owner Dan Gilbert expects Kyrie to attend the training camp. His message is very clear: Kyrie is a core piece of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Yet some NBA executives are in doubt whether Cavs team officials can put Kyrie and LeBron under the same roof. As we know all too well, the 25-year old, 6’3” point guard no longer wants to play in the shadow of King James after playing with him for three fruitful years.

Plus, the world is too small now for Kyrie especially with the arrival of Derrick Rose through the help of LeBron.

The Cavs front office believes that having the 2011 NBA MVP guarantees a longer relationship with “the best player in the world”.

But LeBron also has his sentiments, especially with the Cavs team owner. According to USA TODAY Sports, leaving the top two front office seats vacant at a critical time (NBA Draft and the first few weeks of free agency) and the negligence in putting up a roster that can beat the Warriors are detrimental to LeBron’s decision to stay on.

This only added to the speculations that LeBron will indeed leave Cleveland after 2017-18 NBA season. And with Kyrie demanding to be traded, this makes Cavs new GM Koby Altman’s job the worse this season. Should they trade Kyrie, what guarantee do they have LeBron will stay after this season?