Danilo Gallinari finds himself with another NBA team for the coming 2017-18 season in the Los Angeles Clippers. Training camp has yet to commence, but the Italian is already sidelined as we speak.

Gallinari played for Italy in an international friendly game. The 28-year-old got into an altercation with a New Zealand player. According to reports, Jito Kok of Netherlands hit Gallinari with a forearm during a rebound.

Gallinari with a costly right jab

With things getting chippy, most could already see what would ensue.

Gallinari obviously got peeved and went for Kok. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.

The fact that it was friendly game made the commotion a bit crazy, although the physicality of basketball is to blame. Either way, the loser here seems to be Gallinari who know finds himself on the mend with the incident. The good news is that the Italian will not require surgery and will reportedly be good to go once NBA training camp gets underway.

Rough start for Gallinari

Seeing how he is on the verge of trying to fit in with the Clippers, his ability to stay healthy is now once again in question. Around for nine seasons already, he has had his share of setbacks which include tearing his ACL back in 2013-14.

Regardless, it seems the Clippers are confident of in what Gallinari can do. He was given a three-year deal worth $65 million as Los Angeles tries to transition from the loss of Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets.

The skirmish was an unfortunate incident, ironically another fist fight that calls to mind the issues of forward Blake Griffin.

Branded as dumb by skeptics, everyone knows how that cost the Clippers with the slam-dunking forward out of action.

Will Italian power fill in the loss of CP3?

While Gallinari and Paul play different positions, the key here is a cohesive unit. Despite having a talent-rich line the past seasons, the Clippers have failed to live up and reach the Western Conference finals at the least.

Aside from Paul, gone are J.J. Reddick and Jamal Crawford. Austin Rivers is still there while Patrick Beverly tries to fill in the big shoes at point guard.

While questions are afloat in the back court, Griffin and Gallinari need to stay healthy to ensure a patented front line. Aside from that, both need to wise up and outwit their opponents – avoiding ridiculous confrontations that not only cost them playing time but the chance of the Clippers to attain their goals.

The Clippers enter the coming NBA season with a new look, especially in the guard rotation. The loss of Paul was a big one, though Doc Rivers may have some aces up his sleeve.