There was a lot of talk about LeBron James possibly leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers if they didn't add pieces that could help them beat the Golden State Warriors for the NBA title this upcoming season. Despite winning the title two years ago, the Warriors got stronger by adding former NBA MVP Kevin Durant and the Cavaliers held pat and lost in the NBA Finals.

Now, it looks like LeBron James might get his wish as the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking at adding a former NBA MVP of their own for the 2017-18 NBA season.

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose was at one time the biggest star for the Chicago Bulls since Michael Jordan played for the team.

In 2011, Rose won the NBA MVP and the future looked bright for the young point guard. However, a torn ACL took him out for almost two seasons and he struggled to regain his former All-Star skills.

After leaving the Bulls in 2016, Derrick Rose joined the New York Knicks, who hoped he could lead them back to the playoffs while playing alongside Carmelo Anthony. Sadly, there was nothing but turmoil in New York, with Phil Jackson trying to force out Carmelo. Rose did raise his average points-per-game to a five year high at 18.0 but he still wasn't at his MVP level.

Now, ESPN reports that Derrick Rose is in "serious talks" to join the Cleveland Cavaliers and try to help LeBron James and company retake the NBA title from the Golden State Warriors in 2017-18.

Rose as a role player in Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers still have a superstar team. LeBron James is still one of, if not the best player in the entire NBA. Kyrie Irving is one of the top young stars in basketball. Kevin Love had his best season since joining the Cavaliers last year and Tristan Thompson is a solid big man at center.

With Kyrie Irving as the starting point guard, Derrick Rose would likely move in as his immediate backup. It is interesting to note that the Cavaliers signed Jose Calderon on the very first day of NBA free agency to back up Irving. Despite his injury history, Rose is still a better player than Calderon.

It is also important to note that Derrick Rose is likely to take whatever role he is offered if it means a chance to win his first NBA Championship.

Rose, while a former NBA MVP, is not at the level of Kevin Durant but he is good enough to make an already great Cleveland Cavaliers team great.

It should be noted that Derrick Rose will have to accept the remainder of the Cavaliers' mid-level exception or a minimum contract to join the team. As Kevin Durant proved, a championship might be worth a little less money.