Draymond Green has no plans to jump on the Conor McGregor fan base anytime soon. The 2017 Defensive Player of the year responded on Instagram to a picture of reigning UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor wearing a Golden State Warriors jersey. Martin Rodgers of the USA Today revealed Conor McGregor's reasoning for wearing the C.J Watson jersey. The reason being was in January 2017 when the Floyd Mayweather-McGregor fight still was thought to be just a pipe dream McGregor brought up Mayweather's domestic violence history. In September 2010 Mayweather served time in jail for beating Josie Harris who is the mother to three of Mayweather's five children.

The inspiration behind the jersey selection

After having broken up with Josie Harris, Harris claimed that Mayweather entered her house at around 12 A.M. and was angered when he saw that Harris had messages from C.J. Watson former NBA point guard on her phone. Mayweather's son Koraun who was just ten years old at the time told Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in his statement that he saw Mayweather on top of Harris kicking and hitting her.

The Mayweather-McGregor is set to be one for the ages

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor are established for a boxing match on the 26th August in what will be one of the most anticipated fights in recent pro sports history. This uniqueness is due to Mayweather having a 49-0 perfect road which will be on the line during this battle and McGregor being an MMA fighter, not a professional boxer.

The anticipation of this fight has been met with much controversy, especially the large amounts of racial comments that have been said. The Undefeated's Khaled A. Beydoun addressed these issues discussing how due to the chequered history of Boxing and how the boxing industry has profited off the ethnic and racial rivalries as the main selling point for boxing matches.

The McGregor-Mayweather bout has taken this to the extreme with bigoted trash talk and racist taunts being put on display for the world to see during the McGregor-Mayweather press tour which ended on July 14 in London.

The main highlight of these comments was when Mayweather was told by Mcgregor to "dance for me, boy" during the Los Angeles stop of the press tour.

However, McGregor was not to the only fighter to use derogatory terms as Mayweather used homophobic and misogynistic terminology throughout all four stops of the media tour. The reason is unknown why Draymond Green is rooting for Floyd Mayweather for this fight it may be because Green is just a fan of the undefeated boxer or it is due to McGregor actions during the four stop press tour. However, if two of the biggest trash talkers in all of the pro sports continue to exchange verbal assaults online, then this beef could heat up very quickly.