Deangelo Williams had a nice career as the lead running back for the Carolina Panthers for nine seasons but he is now sitting at home and waiting for a phone call from an NFL team in the need for a running back. Williams has kept in shape and actually took place at an Impact Wrestling show recently in a match to honor his father’s love for professional wrestling. However, DeAngelo said that was just a one-match deal and he is ready to return to the NFL. However, in an interview with ESPN, Williams said that there are four teams that shouldn’t bother calling him including the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys

DeAngelo Williams said that one of the teams that he refuses to answer a call from if they need running back help is the Dallas Cowboys. There is little chance that the Cowboys would consider calling Williams, even if their starting running back Ezekiel Elliott misses the first two games of the season to a suspension. The Cowboys have Darren McFadden ready to step in and McFadden has been much better than Williams the past few years.

However, when asked about the Dallas Cowboys, DeAngelo Williams said that he grew up as a huge fan of the San Francisco 49ers in the ‘80s. As a result, that meant that the Cowboys were one of his most hated teams as a fan. That hatred has continued as he plays in the NFL.

Williams said the Cowboys win a lot of games but can’t do anything in the playoffs and then he blasted the Cowboys fans, calling them “super annoying.”

DeAngelo Williams said that some fans may think he is stupid for keeping his loyalty to his favorite team but he said he doesn’t care. Williams said he is a true fan and especially doesn’t care what Cowboys fans might think.

Carolina Panthers

The second team that DeAngelo Williams said shouldn’t call him is the Carolina Panthers. Despite playing for Carolina for many years, Williams said that the way the team handled releasing him in 2015 rubbed him the wrong way. He ran for 6,846 yards and 46 touchdowns in his career in Carolina. Williams said he doesn’t mind the fact that they “fired” him but he said there are things that happened behind-the-scenes that he doesn’t like.

With that said, DeAngelo said you don’t go back to exes and that is where he stands on the Panthers.

Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns

When it comes to the other two teams, DeAngelo Williams had a good reason to mark those off his list. Williams said he wants to play for a team that has a history of winning and neither the Jaguars nor Browns have a history of winning. He said the Browns have not had a winning franchise since he was born and said there is nothing positive about the Jaguars at all.