Rising Los Angeles Lakers small forward Brandon Ingram has no problems with being used in more than one Position on the court. The second overall pick of the 2016 NBA draft feels most comfortable at his listed position but is ready to adapt to potential changes during a game if needed.

Ingram's unique talent to shoot, run and handle the ball well, all while being listed at 6-9, makes him one of the most intriguing players in the whole NBA. Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton didn't back down from experimenting with the forward last year, putting him in multiple positions in his debut season.

Coach Walton went as far as to give the Duke product point guard duties at times, often with the team's second unit.

''Of course, I would say that the three (the small forward position),'' Ingram said during his appearance on ESPNLA's Mason and Ireland when asked if there is a position where has a better feel over the others. ''But whatever the coach wants me to play I think I'm real comfortable.''

The process

Promising Brandon Ingram hasn't been shy to admit that it will be easier for him to play the power forward spot once he gets stronger. The former Duke Blue Devils star needs to improve his silky frame as he had his weight calculated at only 190 pounds prior to the last NBA season. Ingram's weight was even mentioned during his college days as it was clear from the very first moment that it could possibly cause him problems against bulkier NBA players.

''I will get more comfortable at the four (the power forward position) as I get stronger,'' Ingram confessed. ''Everywhere that the coach pushes me I (will) feel comfortable.

The Los Angeles Lakers made a decision not to rush anything when it comes to that matter but rather to take a slow approach. Brandon Ingram has been working on getting bigger and stronger regularly since his arrival, which includes a specific meal program and a gym workout, all closely followed by the right people.

Though Ingram has shown the courage and willingness to put his head down and attack the basket, the lack of strength made it tougher for him at times. The 19-year-old had success while choosing to drive to the lane during his rookie season but got shaken off a couple of times by a stronger player.

Having stronger Ingram would certainly help the Los Angeles Lakers in their goal of playing a high-paced basketball as Ingram could be used at the power forward spot, or even as a center, in a potential small lineup.