With all the crazy trades happening in the offseason, Andre Iguodala is about to join the fuzz. The 33-year old veteran had served the Golden State Warriors well in their historic run of success and two NBA championships. He is a valuable player for the Warriors that brings more depth to the team.

On his free agency, Iguodala's meeting with other teams but not the Warriors created rumors and confusion to everyone. Could this all be a game where Iguodala drawing out and mess with the other teams or is he taunting the Warriors to offer him a more suitable deal to make him stay with the Warriors?

Golden State Warriors superstar core

The massive offer to Stephen Curry cost Iguodala be offered less contract. Surely, Kevin Durant's contract would also be massive as well as Draymond Green and Klay Thompson; these would result in a large tax bill on the Warriors. Luckily they managed to convince Shaun Livingston to stay on the team despite a short and small deal. The Warriors front office believes that they can dominate NBA without Iguodala on the team.

Iguodala to other teams

The first team Iguodala had a meeting was the San Antonio Spurs which will surely be a rival for the Warriors in the West. There will be an upcoming meeting with the Houston Rockets on Saturday which is a team that could also be a potential rival for the Warriors after acquiring the all-star Chris Paul.

If Iguodala goes to either of the said teams, the balance in the west stronger teams may come to a neutral. Iguodala would bring depth and defense to the new team. He can also defend Durant well and could get on his head. The Warriors otherwise would lose depth and a great defender in Iguodala.

Iguodala toying around the teams

Whatever happens with the Iguodala's free agency will be exciting to watch. These could be just a game to Iguodala, the no meeting with the Warriors is obvious because the Warriors and Iguodala both know what will make him stay with the team. With Iguodala's playful attitude especially towards the media and NBA colleagues, he could be toying around with the teams like Spurs and Rockets.

Or he could be toying with the Warriors and taunting them to offer him bigger contact by meeting with the Warriors potential rival in Rockets and the Spurs.

Iguodala also talked to the Lakers and Kings about his free agency. This has to be one of the craziest postseason in the NBA with all the trades and free agency happening.