Mason Plumlee could provide value at center for a number of NBA teams. As free agency has marched on, however, the big man hasn't received any real interest. That should change as the pool of available players continues to dry up. He is a restricted free agent, but averaged 10.4 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks per game last season. Depending on how the rest of his restricted free agency plays out, here are four teams that could use Plumlee's services.

4. Chicago Bulls

As it stands right now, Robin Lopez is the only center on the Bulls' roster.

Even for a team that seems to be trying to tank the upcoming season following the Jimmy Butler trade, that's not an acceptable proposition. The team could try to move rookie Lauri Markkanen to the spot, but he's much better suited as a power forward due to his lack of physicality. Plumlee would solve that issue on the cheap and give the team the possibility to trade Lopez at the deadline next season, if they so choose.

3. Brooklyn Nets

Reunion! Plumlee spent his first two seasons in Brooklyn after being a first-round pick of the team, making the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2014. The team wound up dealing him to the Portland Trail Blazers, but with Brook Lopez gone, the team may be ripe to bring Plumlee back and have him compete with overpaid veteran Timofey Mozgov for the starting center role.

2. Boston Celtics

Acquiring Gordon Hayward is great and all, but it fails to solve the team's biggest issue from last season: rebounding. The Celtics managed to make a run to the Eastern Conference Finals last year despite their inability to clean up the glass. Al Horford has plenty of talents at center, but playing in the paint is not one of them.

Plumlee averaged more rebounds last season than Horford and could provide a real interior presence for the team.

1. Denver Nuggets

In all likelihood, Plumlee is going to end up back in Denver. The team owns his restricted free agency rights - without an offer from another team, they can afford to low-ball him in salary negotiations.

Plumlee's fit in Denver isn't great at the moment - Nikola Jokic is clearly the starting center and Paul Millsap was signed to be the starting power forward. With trade rumors constantly hounding power forward Kenneth Faried, however, there is a possible space that Plumlee can carve out for a year as a backup before entering the NBA free agency market once again with the salary cap spike next year.