Deron Williams should have expected a slight wait in free agency. Perhaps the veteran point guard expected at least a rumor at this stage, though. After playing for an NBA Finals competitor in the Cleveland Cavaliers, there don't appear to be any major suitors for the veteran. That doesn't mean there shouldn't be. When his market eventually opens up, these are the four teams that should pursue Williams.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers

Sure, things didn't end as expected between the Cavaliers and Williams. He struggled in the playoffs when the team needed him most.

But if they think Jose Calderon is a better option to back up Kyrie Irving, they are gravely mistaken. Besides, Williams is already familiar with the system and has a decent three-point shot, which is needed in Tyronn Lue's offense. Dan Gilbert is becoming notorious for not wanting to commit more money to the team, though, which is already stuck in luxury tax hell.

3. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are known to be looking for a point guard to help ease Lonzo Ball's transition to the NBA. The hottest name out there for them right now is Rajon Rondo, but Williams could fulfill the same role, albeit with less upside. There could also be an interesting defensive connection to be made; Ball may have to guard wings due to his size, which is what Williams should be doing based on his quickness (or lack thereof).

2. New York Knicks

Just like their counterparts out west, the Knicks also want a point guard to groom their rookie (and are interested in Rondo, to some degree). Williams could be a consistent backup on a team that may fear to rely on Ron Baker for that role, especially since Baker will be competing for rookie Frank Ntilikina's minutes.

That signing could also be a slight against the neighboring Brooklyn Nets, who struggled to close the deal when they had Williams on their roster.

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

The biggest need for the Thunder this season was to find a competent backup for Russell Westbrook. They made a different move, trading for Paul George instead.

The move will help them this season but doesn't solve their biggest problem. Williams would solve their biggest problem, replacing Semaj Christon as the primary backup and allowing Westbrook to rest a little this season. If the team wants a shot to retain George and Westbrook after the season, they need to prove that they will surround them with the best supporting cast possible.