Donatas Montiejunas remains a man without an NBA home. After some strange contract disputes last year, he eventually made his way to the New Orleans Pelicans. He didn't play very much, though, receiving plenty of "DNPs" over the course of his tenure with the team. Back in free agency for the second time in as many years, there's a possibility that he flees the league altogether. Before that happens, here are four teams that could sign him in the coming weeks.

4. Detroit Pistons

Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy has always appeared reticent to give major minutes to international big men.

He may not make an exception for Montiejunas, which would effectively end his NBA career. But there's room at the power forward spot for nearly anybody to get playing time in Detroit. Right now, there's a possibility that Jon Leuer will be starting there. Based on potential alone, Montiejunas would be a better choice.

3. Houston Rockets

So perhaps this isn't going to happen - it would be quite awkward after the contract shenanigans of the previous year. If somehow the two sides can look past that, however, it would make some sense. The team is in need of some frontcourt depth after the Chris Paul trade. During the best season of his career, Montiejunas averaged 12 points and 5.9 rebounds per game in 2014-15...with the Rockets.

Maybe Houston can help Montiejunas recapture that magic.

2. San Antonio Spurs

This is just what the Spurs do, right? They take international players who seemingly lack a clear fit in the NBA and turn them into desirable players. San Antonio is in danger of losing Pau Gasol in free agency and have already lost Dewayne Dedmon, so the front lines are looking a little thin.

Montiejunas could develop into a poor man's Gasol, with the ability to work the three-point line, as Gasol did at a career-best clip this season. He won't inspire the team to trade LaMarcus Aldridge, though.

1. Utah Jazz

Quietly, the Jazz may be usurping San Antonio's place as the NBA's premier destination for international players.

They lost Gordon Hayward this summer but brought in several players with heavily stamped passports. Now, the Jazz seem to be building a squad that could be one of the best defensive teams in recent memory. Montiejunas may not fit in with that - he sported a monstrous 114 defensive rating last season. Nevertheless, Montiejunas could help form a United Nations in Salt Lake City.