Zach Lavine could be in Chicago for a good time, but not necessarily a long time. The shooting guard was only acquired by the Bulls a month ago. He could already be looking ahead to his free agency a year from now, though. There are complicating factors, ranging from the team's rebuild to an injury that could sideline the guard for some time. With a horrendous season likely on the horizon for the Bulls, let's project LaVine's career forward through next year's offseason.

Why LaVine should stay in Chicago

LaVine needs to give Chicago a chance. The team doesn't seem to have a blueprint as to how they are going to rebuild, but one can assume they had the former Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guard in mind -- he may have been the top prize of the Jimmy Butler trade.

In Chicago, he would have the chance to be the focal point of a team for the first time in his brief NBA career. For most players, that would be worth something.

Besides, from a monetary standpoint, LaVine may want to avoid free agency next season. He's coming off a significant injury, a torn ACL. He could miss at least two months of the coming season before taking the court and it's unclear if he'll have the same previous burst that made him a dunking legend. The team is likely going to be interested in extending his contract or making him a restricted free agent, both of which would lead him to likely stick around in the Windy City.

Why LaVine should bolt in 2018

For starters, every NBA player wants the ability to decide their own future.

LaVine will be no different as he becomes eligible for free agency for the first time in his career. With the crazy contracts thrown around over the past few years, it's possible he could command close to a max contract in free agency. Money talks and LaVine will be sure to listen.

Winning matters too, though. The Chicago Bulls could be on the cusp of a terrible season, with most of their young studs failing to produce during the Summer League.

Dwyane Wade could be on his way out, which would leave very little proven talent on the roster. It could be several years before the Bulls are back in the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference. The window for LaVine's career might be tight -- a lot of players are jumping to star-loaded teams this offseason. He can provide an instant dose of offense to any team. LaVine will just have to prove that he's healthy before he chases free agency riches in the summer of 2018.