Jim Cornette has never been shy about telling the world in his podcasts how much he hates Vince Russo. Most recently, Cornette was on the WWE Network series "Table for 3" and he and Eric Bischoff made fun of Russo throughout the dinner. It seems that, after years of insults, Russo has finally had enough and issued a Restraining Order against Cornette. In typical Cornette fashion, he had the perfect response on his podcast.

The reason that Cornette hates Russo

This all started because Jim Cornette has repeatedly said that he believes that Vince Russo was responsible for "ruining" the professional wrestling business.

For longtime fans, Cornette has been around for years and is considered an old-school promoter. Russo, on the other hand, arrived just in time to help the WWE usher in the Attitude Era - something where shock and awe were more important than the wrestling.

Jim Cornette has never shied away from talking about what he hates about the current status of professional wrestling. He feels it all started with Vince Russo. Up until now, it was just about Cornette talking smack about Russo on his podcasts. However, last week, Jim challenged Russo to a fight.

The Vince Russo restraining order

Vince Russo took the "schtick," as Jim Cornette himself described it, seriously. In an almost embarrassing action, Russo filed a restraining order against Cornette and had it delivered to Jim's home.

According to the restraining order, Russo accused Jim of stalking him. Cornette's first response was classic. He tweeted out a photo of the restraining order and called Russo "Voldemort."

Jim Cornette responds to Vince Russo

After tweeting out the photo of the Vince Russo restraining order, Jim Cornette then made comments about this in a way that fans of Cornette have expected.

After Jim explained that Russo has accused him of stalking him since 1999 in five different states, Cornette finally said what he would no longer do in order to follow through with the restraining order.

Jim Cornette said that he will stay away from the house of Vince Russo - which he then pointed out that he has never been to.

Cornette said that he will stay away from Russo's wife Amy, who he has not seen since 1997. Jim said that he won't call him on his personal phone number, which he has never had until he got the restraining order. Finally, Jim said that will never commit "acts of domestic or family violence, stalking or sex offenses" against Vince or his household members.