Jim Cornette unexpectedly made a return appearance with the WWE to induct the Rock N Roll Express into the WWE Hall of Fame. While many fans never expected to see Cornette in the WWE ever again, more surprise came when Cornette took part in the WWE Network special "Dinner for 3" with Eric Bischoff and Michael "P.S." Hayes. On that show, both Bischoff and Cornette took turns occasionally insulting former WWE Attitude Era writer Vince Russo, which started a huge war of words between Cornette and Russo online.

The 'Dinner for 3' special

"Dinner for 3" is a WWE Network special series where people you might not expect to see together actually have dinner and talk about wrestling.

On this show, it was the first time ever that Jim Cornette and Eric Bischoff had ever really spoken to each other, although Cornette had made many unflattering comments about Bischoff over the years.

However, the two bonded by insulting Vince Russo on the show and the WWE Network even flashed photos of Russo when they were insulting him. Russo was a writer during the Attitude Era and was responsible for some of the crazier aspects of that era of the WWE. However, he was fired and ended up in both WCW and Impact Wrestling. While in WCW, the company started to lose ground to the WWE and ended up going out of business.

Jim Cornette vs. Vince Russo

Jim Cornette does a huge number of shoot podcasts online, and one of his biggest targets is Vince Russo.

Cornette has openly said that he hates Russo more than anyone else in the world because of what he feels Russo has done to hurt the industry of professional wrestling. He continued that on the show.

When the episode ended, Vince Russo went onto his podcast and said that the WWE has been stealing his ideas lately and that they should pay him, mentioning how many times they used his name on "Dinner for 3." Jim Cornette then responded and said that Russo has been calling and begging Vince McMahon for a job back and then challenged Russo to a fight.

This caused Vince Russo to answer back and refuse the challenge because he called Jim Cornette fat and out of shape. Russo also said that he had emailed McMahon once to say he was available if the WWE wanted him but was turned down. Then, Russo launched into a tirade, where he apologized for all of the mistakes he said that Cornette had made over his career and just tore Jim apart in his podcast.

At the end of the day, it is two middle aged men who are no longer involved in professional wrestling insulting each other for the amusement of their fans. There is likely to be no fight, and Jim Cornette is surely not finished and won't let Vince Russo have the last word. They may not be in the WWE anymore, but they are cutting promos like it.