As a key player on the Packers, center Corey Linsley gives Aaron Rodgers the ball on basically every play. Yet that was not the case at the beginning of last season, as Linsley made a small Mistake that kept him sidelined until November, well into the Packers season.

What's the rush?

The last offseason Linsley spent time trying to heal his torn hamstring. After painstakingly having to attend and watch Organized Team Activities as well as minicamp, without being able to participate, Linsley grew antsy. Despite having a torn hamstring, Linsley believed he started feeling better and began testing his injury.

Linsley wanted to be back at the start of Training Camp that year and pushed his injured body a little too far. It cost him as he ultimately ended up tearing his hamstring again in early July of 2016, according to ESPN. Being impatient with the healing process caused him to miss out on not only training camp, but the entire preseason and much of the regular season (all the way into November).

"I was trying to go ahead of the [healing] plan because I thought I was ahead of it, instead of just trusting the process," Linsley told ESPN. " I was trying to get ahead of it and ended up behind."

Linsley nearly lost his starting position altogether as his replacement during his injury, J.C. Tretter, had a strong season.

Tretter ended up spraining his MCL which gave Linsley the opportunity to reclaim his spot as a starter.

A different approach

Linsley will not have to worry about the threat of Tretter taking his starting position, as Tretter has left for the Cleveland Browns. What Linsley will need to worry about is not repeating his past mistake of being impatient with his injuries.

This offseason Linsley has just come back from ankle surgery and will make sure not to repeat the same mistakes. " I just have to continue to follow the plan, whereas last year I maybe didn't," Linsley said to ESPN.

This year it is especially important for Linsley to be healthy and on the field. While there are players who can play center along with other positions, Linsley is perhaps the only true center.

Additionally, Linsley can try to prove himself this year so that he can earn a profitable contract, as his rookie contract ends at the end of the season.

The Packers expect that Linsley will be ready to participate in training camp this year, barring some unexpected setback. Linsley has told ESPN that he is, "Excited to be 100 percent this year."