Vince Young is mad, and he doesn’t care who knows it. The former standout quarterback at the University of Texas hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL since 2012, however, that hasn’t stopped him from venting his frustration on his former coach and other NFL players.

In case you forgot, Young led the Texas Longhorns to a BCS National Championship back in 2006 when he just went off on the USC Trojans. Young passed for 267 yards and rushed for 200 more, scoring three touchdowns in what many NCAA fans believe was one of the greatest BCS championship games of all time.

Young was the third overall pick of the Tennessee Titans in the 2006 NFL draft, and he had early success. Not only was he named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, he made it to the Pro Bowl in 2006 and 2009. However, when Young struggled after that, he went from shining star to fading player in a matter of years. Now after a failed CFL comeback this season, Young is taking shots at anyone he can.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is garbage

Vince Young’s recent tirade was reported by Sports Illustrated, and he held nothing back. Young went after current Buccaneers QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, calling him “garbage” and wondering how he (Young) is cooking on Thanksgiving and Fitzpatrick is still getting paid in the NFL.

Young also said he is going to expose Jeff Fisher.

According to Young, Fisher and the Tennessee Titans left him behind when he left his ID at home. Young said that he pulled into the lot and saw them pulling down the door. He said he heard the team yelling but they left him, despite Fisher waiting for other players in the past.

Usually, words that are directed at a certain player or coach can come back to bite the players who said them, however at 34, Young probably doesn’t care.

Taco scores a deal

In other NFL news, on the lighter side, former Michigan Wolverines star and current Dallas Cowboys first round draft pick Taco Charlton inked one of the best endorsement deals in NFL history. Okay, that may be stretching it a bit, but let's just say his deal fits him perfect. The man known to millions of Michigan fans a just "Taco" landed an endorsement deal today with the Mexican restaurant chain Taco Bueno.

Seriously, how perfect is that?

Right from the minute Taco was drafted by the Cowboys, this endorsement deal seemed like it was his destiny. Moments after the Cowboys selected Charlton in the 2016 NFL draft Taco Bueno President and CEO Mike Roper commented on how his franchise didn’t have any 277 pound tacos. While they still don’t have a Taco or anything on the menu for that matter that weighs 277 pounds, they do have the Cowboys new defensive end promoting their product, and that is pure Taco perfection.