The New York Knicks are currently sitting in 11th place in the NBA Eastern Conference with an extremely disappointing 21-27 record. The team has been in disarray the entire season and just haven't seemed to mesh well together on the court. With trade rumors swirling around franchise player Carmelo Anthony, it might be time for a complete rebuild of the roster.

Knicks to trade franchise player?

New York Knicks president Phil Jackson and star player Carmelo Anthony had a sit down to discuss Anthony's future with the team. In the meeting Melo let it be known that he wanted to stay in New York but would agree to waive his no trade clause if the team wants to move forward without him.

Lets be clear, Carmelo isn't going to agree to be traded to just any team, but rather a contender like the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Boston Celtics. New York has actually already reached out to Cleveland to see if they would be interested in a Kevin Love for Carmelo swap, but apparently the Cavs weren't interested in making a deal.

They are plenty of teams that could use a player like Carmelo Anthony on the roster but the problem is making it work financially and Melo's willingness to waive his no trade clause. With the current state of the Knicks organization it should only be a matter of time before they pull the trigger on a deal that sends the disgruntled star to a new city. The Knicks are obviously going to seek out a deal to help them get valuable assets to rebuild the team around budding young star Kristaps Porzingis.

Melo to help form new superteam in LA?

The Los Angeles Clippers have put themselves at the forefront of the Carmelo Anthony trade saga. The Clippers have been decimated by injuries this season and are trying to hold on for the playoff push in the highly competitive NBA Western Conference. They are currently in 4th place with a respectable 30-18 record.

Blake Griffin just returned from injury after being out over a month and point guard Chris Paul will be out for the next 6-8 weeks with a sprained thumb. The team desperately needs some extra firepower on the offensive end if they intend to make any noise this postseason. This is where Melo come into play. He could team-up with Paul, Griffin and newly named All-Star Deandre Jordan to form a "Big 4" that could compete with the likes of the Golden State Warriors.

Carmelo would have no reservations waiving his no trade clause in order to join a team like the Clippers, but in order to make a deal happen, a third team may have to get involved. New York doesn't want to have to take on the three remaining years of Jamal Crawford's contract so they would have to find another team willing to absorb it. If they can find a way to do this then the Clippers would have a shot at landing Melo without giving up any of their key pieces. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers doesn't want to give up sharpshooter JJ Redick but his son Austin Rivers would be available in any potential trade package. With the trade deadline approaching next month, and both teams looking to make changes, expect talks to heat up considerably.