LeBron James was known as an athlete, businessman, a team player and someone with great talent during his early days as a player, but as an NBA player, he has just three faces so far; youthfulness, veteran Cleveland, and Veteran Miami. Many of the talent and skills that have brought LeBron into the limelight with every move he makes. A mere look at the number, indicates a distinct evolution progress between the three LeBrons, making NBA opponents afraid that they may not have even noticed his last form yet.

LeBron in his early career

As a young, muscular marvel in his first time in Cleveland, James Lebron was frequently compelled to bear the scoring load for otherwise insufficiently manned teams, and played enormous time to achieve those feats.

When he arrived Miami and associated with fellow All-Star Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, his scoring points went dip and was acquainted with the notion of strategic rest, he was also keeping his minutes moderately down. That pattern continued after his gain- coming to Cleveland, where he was ready to share his scoring ability with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving while spending most of the time playing on the court in full season to maintain his legs for the playoffs, according to ESPN.

James came to limelight

In spite of the kenned lack of talent around him during his early career, James was still able to tackle seven assists in a game. It was only Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Baron Davis and Jason Kidd did better than him in that span.

In Miami, LeBron’s assists numbers dropped, possibly, a reflection of Bosh and Wade’s capabilities to form shots for themselves, ESPN reported.

However, it is a different ball game since James’ return to Cleveland. Most of the Cavalier’s sponsoring casts have been selected to best pick James, and have witnessed a great increase in assists which include a career high 8.7 in a game this season.

A Cleveland's high rated player

As a youthful player, James LeBron was inclined to trail a midrange jumper since he was to command the rim, in spite of a considerable show of success from that angle of the court. In Miami, James understood the importance of efficiency and has taken it to a new dimension since his return to Cleveland.

He can now comfortably take twice as many shots within the limited area as he has been doing from the midrange.

Though James was not a good 3-point shooter during his initial stint in Cleveland but has picked up to become one of the best in the NBA on his return.