Just a few days ago, LeBron James lost his third NBA Finals in four years. Even though it's impressive that he reached the final stage so many times, it's a fact that the four-time MVP is not satisfied with anything less than a championship ring.

After his return to Cleveland, the superstar small forward won one championship and he lost the finals twice. He faced extremely tough opponents, including the 73-win Golden State Warriors, and the Warriors with Kevin Durant. While it's not his fault that he didn't win more rings, LeBron James might look to sign with another team to win his fourth championship ring before he retires.

According to the report by Adrian Wojnarowski, LeBron will most likely leave Cleveland once again. This time, he would go to the West and join either the Los Angeles Lakers or the Clippers.

LeBron and the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have a core of young players and they also have the second overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft. They will most likely use it to draft Lonzo Ball and the team will be one of the best young teams in the league.

By the time LeBron's contract expires, the Lakers will have a great young roster and chemistry, and they will need a veteran to lead them throughout the playoffs.

James would be on the team with D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Brandon Ingram, and he considering how good he is, there is no doubt he could help them achieve great results.

L.A. Clippers with LeBron

There's a big chance that the Los Angeles Clippers lose their two best players this summer as Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will become free agents.

However, if they stay on the team for at least one more year, LeBron James could give the Clippers serious consideration since they are one of the best teams in the West.

Chris Paul is one of LeBron James' best friends and we could see a super team in Los Angeles. The Clippers would have James, Paul, Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and a solid bench, and they would most likely be one of the top teams in the NBA.

The current situation

With nearly $31 million made this year, LeBron James is the highest paid player in the entire NBA. The Cavaliers forward has two more years left on his contract and he will be paid $33.3 million next season.

However, James has a player option on the last year of his contract and it's worth $35.6 million. He can decide to stay with the Cavaliers and get all that money, or he can go somewhere else and pursue another championship ring. Considering how incredible the Golden State Warriors are, it will be hard for LeBron to beat them, and he might be better off somewhere else.