The New England Patriots have one of the most illustrious recent histories in the NFL. Anybody would be lucky to own signed jerseys from the heyday of the club. Brandon Marshall could be considered an enthusiast for those jerseys - any NFL jerseys. On Monday, he gave fans a peek as his treasure trove of signed and framed jerseys on the wall of his home. If he wanted to, the wide receiver could convert his home into a museum.

Patriots jerseys take precedence

One peek at Marshall's Instagram video would give off the sense that the wide receiver must have played for the Patriots at some point in his career - he hasn't.

But his wall is adorned with jerseys from the team. The first team jersey spotted is an Adam Vinatieri one (props for having a kicker's jersey - those aren't generally top sellers). The kicker was famously a Super Bowl hero, although it doesn't appear he gave his official signature for Marshall's collection.

The very next jersey is also from a Patriots kicker - Stephen Gostkowski, the current man for the job. Wide receiver Julian Edelman holds some prime real estate, only competing with Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman for wall space. Randy Moss may not have played for the team for very long, but his jersey earned a spot too. Only two criticisms can be levied to Marshall: where is the organization and where is the Tom Brady jersey?

Marshall and his jerseys collection

The Instagram video shows off an amazing assortment of jerseys from across the NFL landscape, most of which must have been acquired during Marshall's playing days. He clearly has a tremendous amount of respect for the Patriots organization. He also reveres the greats at his position and the greats that go up against wide receivers every week.

The video implies that there's one person he has a little bit less respect for Jay Cutler. As the video comes to a close, Marshall appears to audibly make a scowling noise, signifying that one of the jerseys just doesn't belong. The two played together for the Chicago Bears, with mixed results clouding the legacies of both.

While Marshall has moved on to the New York Giants this season, Cutler finds himself out of the league after being cut by the Bears. Most people will take the Cutler insult as the storyline from the video. The real takeaway should be whether or not Marshall's borderline obsession with the Patriots will earn him a contract with the team some day.