The Nebraska Football team is likely hoping they’re the Rodney Dangerfield of the college football world. That’s saying something since even Rodney Dangerfield never really wanted to be Rodney Dangerfield. It’s pretty clear that following an offseason where the school replaced its defensive coordinator, special teams coach and quarterback, the national media writ large are not giving the Cornhuskers any respect.

Athlon recently released its season preview of the Nebraska football team and while the publication had some nice things to say about the Cornhuskers, it ranked the team 43rd.

Not only is that not in the Top 25 but it’s barely within shouting distance.

Huskers getting no respect I tell ya!

While being ranked well outside the Top 25 is humiliating enough for a Nebraska football team that used to consider itself the kings of the college ranks, the fact that Athlon thinks the school will finish no better than third in the division is an extra slap in the face.

It makes sense why the national media hasn’t bought into the program yet. Even if there are signs of life for the program in the recruiting ranks. While the Huskers are bringing in one of the best classes the school has ever seen, none of those players are going to see the field this year. The players who will see the field are many of the same ones that took part in a late season collapse where they were blown out by Iowa, Ohio State and Tennessee.

The hunt for the Big Ten West

The Nebraska football team has been picked to finish third in the division, with a finish behind Wisconsin and Iowa most likely. While the magazine does not believe the Huskers are going to be able to pull out a division win, the publication didn't make it clear it wasn't claiming a division win was out of the question.

Athlon did say that the Huskers had enough talent to put something together, as long as it gelled fast enough.

The questions surrounding the Nebraska football program, raised by Athlon aren't new. The wide receiver corps is considered among the best in the country, The real question on offense is whether or not the team can find a running game, according to the magazine.

The final analysis points out that for the Nebraska football team, the real question and the reason Athlon has ranked them so low, is how will the team handle all the questions? Between a new quarterback, a new defensive coordinator, a new defensive philosophy, the loss of three wide receivers and their starting running back, there's a lot to replace. Having said all that, like Rodney Dangerfield, the Huskers have to hope they can be plenty good at what they do, even if they're not getting any pre-season respect.