The NBA has erupted with huge news on Saturday as the Philadelphia 76ers had reportedly agreed to trade for the first overall pick. In return, the Boston Celtics would get this year’s third overall pick and a first-round pick in next year’s draft. The process seems to finally be coming full circle as former Philadelphia GM, Sam Hinkie, has made his moves felt far beyond the length of his tenure. The 76ers will be picking first overall again, and for the fourth straight year they will be in the top three.

Boston keeps doing its thing as they have become notorious for gathering draft picks since parting with the original ‘Big Three’ of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen.

However, this past season proved that the Cleveland Cavaliers are still no match for the current Celtics team, making a move for Jimmy Butler seemingly imminent.

Why it should happen

There had been discussions about a trade last offseason and around the trade deadline this year, but the timing or offers have never been right… until now. The recent trade would reward Boston with yet another first-round pick, giving them two in this year’s draft, two in 2018, and three in 2019.

On the other hand, the Bulls are currently sitting without second-round draft picks in 2018 and 2019. Chicago needs a rebuild and Boston needs a championship. The two teams can make a trade as perfectly matched as the one that was agreed to tonight.

Boston Celtics

As stated earlier, Boston is faced with the daunting task of overcoming LeBron James and his Cavaliers if they even want to play in the finals. Their current team can’t get the job done and frankly an influx of rookies won’t help much. All these draft picks look great on paper, but they won’t win them championships.

The core of Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley and Al Horford is slowly getting older and the recent drafts have already showered Boston with a plethora of young players. They need a star to take them to the next level.

Chicago Bulls

Life has been downhill ever since former coach Tom Thibodeau got fired. The front office has gotten nothing right and coach Fred Hoiberg is arguably the worst in the league.

It would be a blessing if he left to coach OSU next season.

Dwayne Wade is almost surely exercising his player option and veteran Rajon Rondo seems to be staying as well. The Bulls organization is as stuck in the middle as ever, brutally reminding fans of the Ben Gordon years where there were a good team but certainly not great. Remember what got them out last time? That’s right, it was the first overall pick in 2008, a kid by the name of Derrick Rose.

Next steps if they trade Butler

First thing first: John Paxson, Gar Forman, and Fred Hoiberg all must go. This franchise is shooting itself in the foot by keeping them around. Sam Hinkie would be a very viable replacement for GM as he would have a talented group of young players with a unique mix of seasoned veterans like Lopez, Rondo, and Wade at his disposal.

The Jimmy Butler trade would also bring in a valuable players and/or draft picks.

Nonetheless, Hinkie’s philosophy is spot on; the middle is the worst place for a franchise to be. And yet that is exactly where the Chicago Bulls are right now. Fire the front office, trade Jimmy Butler, and let your youth be mentored by NBA champions Rondo and Wade. The process is merely an investment in the future and that means being okay with parting a mediocre present.