One of the top talks for the NBA trade rumors today centers around Paul George. Teams like Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets showed interest to Paul George for the past weeks. Marc J. Spears of ESPN reported that the Wizards are joining the teams interested in Paul George with their All-Star guard John Wall leading the pursuit for George. John Wall confirmed to the ESPN's The Undefeated that he is recruiting Paul George to the Wizards. He hopes the all-star considers his offer and form a stronger Wizards team for the next season.

Wall recruiting George

George's contract will end in June 2018 and he does not have any plan on extended contracts with the Pacers. The Undefeated reported that George shows an interest in playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. He may also consider the Cavaliers for they one of the teams that are eager to get Paul George. Wall stated that he is leading the recruiting task with George and hopes that his friend considers the offer. He added he has talked to staffs and George on the recruitment. He knows what George's goals are and he thinks together in Wizards they can make this happen.

Why is George a perfect fit for the Wizards?

If George accepts John Wall's offer he could be the answer to the title contender dream of the Wizards.

The can counter the strongest team in the east which is the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Undefeated reported that trade talks have happened between the two organizations. But the Pacers are patiently discussing his case and still no final deal with the Wizards.

John Wall stated that with their team now, they are lacking one piece, referring to George.

He said that the team has the point guard, the shooting guard, the center, the power forward. Wall did not mention the small forward position that Paul George is playing. Wall did not mean to embarrass Otto Porter Jr. which is their current small forward and he thinks Porter did a great job for them. But having LeBron as an opponent is a problem, only George can guard Lebron one on one and can also score on LeBron.

So having George for them can counter LeBron and can get them a win.

Wall added that the team needs another star and have their own big three. That is what he is looking forward. He then shared his thoughts on the chance of acquiring the all-star, he stated that now he really doesn't know and Indiana has all the right to do whatever they like.