It appears that the Houston Rockets are set to acquire Chris Paul from the LA Clippers in a blockbuster trade deal. Reports state that the All-Star point guard Chris Paul will be on his way to The Rockets soon. There have been numerous rumors of Paul's trade, but none thought Paul would land with the Rockets.

Chris Paul had the intention of playing with the Houston Rockets, but there have been no steps taken towards a trade until now. In fact, Paul wanted to decline his player option with the LA Clippers and play for the Rockets. It was clear that Paul wanted to play alongside James Harden, but the Clippers certainly did not want to lose him for anything that is not up to the mark.

Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, and Sam Dekker will go the LA Clippers

The Houston Rockets will be giving out of their star players, which is said to be Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, and Sam Dekker. On the other hand, they will also give their 2018 first-round picks which are again top three protected to the Clippers. The question is why did the Houston Rockets trade so much for Paul.

According to ESPN, Chris Paul had a meeting with the Clippers on Tuesday. During the meeting, he stated that he was ready to opt for the final year of his contract. Paul's contract is said to be worth $24.2 million, and he also informed the team that he has plans on leaving in free agency. The Rockets are yet to officially acquire Paul, before that they need to make the financials work.

Is Houston also trying for Paul George?

ESPN reports that after Paul's trade from the Clippers are official, they have plans to acquire Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George. The Pacers seem to be strong by holding on to George as they are probably waiting for the best deal to give away the All-Star player. As for George, he is in great demand as many other teams seem to be interested in getting him on board.

The Houston Rockets is not the only team that wants to strike a deal for George. Rumors state that the San Antonio Spurs are despairingly trying to pursue him for the Pacers. Chris Paul's trade is believed to be a huge benefit for both the teams. However, some fans think that the Rockets have given up too much for him.

The LA Clippers will have some good hands to support their team from this deal. Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, and Sam Dekker will surely give their best shot with the team. These stars will undoubtedly make a huge difference for the Clippers.