There are going to be some decisions leading up to the MLB trade deadline for contenders. You have the Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers, and Washington Nationals leading their respective divisions. These teams have decisions to make on how to bolster their team and sustain their success. These three bold moves would make for an interesting postseason if these teams kept their division leads.

Rockies trade for Gerrit Cole

The Pirates would command a high price for their ace, but the Rockies might want to consider giving up a haul to help keep away the Dodgers and Diamondbacks.

The Rockies do not have a starter that has an Earned Run Average under 3.57. This is where Cole could come in.

The Pirates look like they might be in firesale mode in the coming months if they continue to be on the bottom end of .500. The Pirates do not have a strong farm system, and could speed up a rebuild by trading Cole. Besides, if the Pirates rebuild, Cole would most likely not be with the new regime.

Cole is going to cost a lot. Cole has two years remaining on is contract. Good news for Colorado is that they have three prospects in the Top 100. The Rockies have Brendan Rogers, who is the No. 10 ranked prospect, Riley Pint, the No. 43 ranked prospect, and Ramiel Tapia, the No. 78 ranked prospect according to 2017 Top 100 Prospects.

The Rockies may not have to give up all three, but would more than likely have to give up at least two, with Rogers, a shortstop/second baseman, headlining the package.

The Rockies have the offense to back up their pitching. Come playoff time, the team needs a pitcher that can shut down their opponents, and Cole could be that guy.

Brewers get Sonny Gray

The Brewers have three prospects in the Top 100. This includes Lewis Brinson, the No 13 ranked prospect, Josh Hader, the No. 33 ranked prospect, and Luis Ortiz, the No. 53. ranked prospect.

Oakland would ask for at least one of these prospects, but his value is low due to his injury history, and 4.37 earned run average.

However, Gray has shown in the past that he can produce Cy Young caliber numbers. The Brewers need pitching help as their ace is Zach Davies and his ERA of 4.74.

Gray is due arbitration, and the A's are not known to spend a lot of money for players. The Brewers could get a potential number one starter at a low-cost value.

Nationals get Andrew McCutchen

McCutchen was rumored to get traded to the Nationals last offseason. That trend is following him midway through this season. The Nationals want to win a World Series and are on the record for saying they are tired of first round exits. Why not go all in on McCutchen?

The Nationals have Victor Robles, the No. 5 ranked prospect in all of baseball, as well as Erick Fedde, the No.

51 ranked prospect. If the Pirates go in fire sale mode, they could acquire some highly touted prospects that bolster their future.

McCutchen to the Nationals makes the most sense. Brian Goodwin is an unproven major league player, while Michael Taylor is a .267 hitter. McCutchen is a former MVP with postseason experience. A lineup with Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmerman, Daniel Murphy, and McCutchen would be dangerous and worthy of a World Series appearance.